25 Nov

Beyond Belief

What you are experiencing in this very moment is the culmination of everything you have agreed to believe Ray Dodd (The Power of Belief)

This week you will see regular consecutive blogs that will guide you to explore the power of your own beliefs.  I will guide you to question whether the beliefs you currently hold are serving you or limiting you and provide you with tips about how to change the outdated beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

The posts will include:

  1. How beliefs are formed
  2. How beliefs influence our actions and behaviour
  3. How limiting beliefs can hold us back from moving forwards
  4. How we can change limiting beliefs
  5. Effective questioning to challenge and change limiting beliefs

1. How beliefs are formed

Beliefs are stored neurologically in the hypothalamus and limbic areas of the brain.  These are the areas responsible for the autonomic nervous system and controlling unconscious psychological reactions.  In its simplest form, beliefs occur as a mental act or a thinking process in the brain.  A belief requires some conscious thought to accepting what you believe has some truth.

Our beliefs are unconsciously and accidently formed at different times and from different sources.  Some beliefs are so deeply held that these are considered to be our core beliefs.   Core beliefs can be about oneself, others or the world.   Our core beliefs are often formed prior to 7 years old; our core beliefs form our identity.   Surrounding our core beliefs are a set of rules that require us to behave in a certain or learnt way.  These rules are like blueprints which guide us in order to avoid pain or catastrophe.  They guide us into thinking we ‘are ok’ or ‘not ok’, which situations are dangerous or safe, which are adaptive and which are disastrous.

The beliefs that we formed when we were children were influenced by our peers as we had minimal ability to reason or to think rationally.  Often the painful feelings that we experience as children that have not been resolved   return to haunt us, our unmet needs and beliefs from childhood are carried with us to this day.  Our beliefs were formed by the influence of our mentors, teachers and parents and from our environment and culture, we were taught by the adults in our early years their own personal view of the world, their opinions about other people and opinions about themselves, they showed us how everything is.   They told us what we were and what we are not.   Our beliefs create our identity and how we feel about ourselves and set the emotional tone of our life.  Core beliefs form the picture we paint of ourselves, a portrait of our abilities, our worth, flaws, strengths and our relationship to the world.

Our beliefs establish the limits of what we can achieve.  Core beliefs can be tested by looking for evidence that they are true or not 100% true. Our beliefs continue to form as we experience new things and we create a meaning around the events that happen to us, these beliefs affect our feelings, actions and thoughts, the cycle of belief remains continuous until we question and change them. Our interpretations of feelings, actions and thoughts reinforce the belief.

Check in tomorrow to discover how beliefs influence our actions and behaviour.