29 Nov

Effective Questioning to Change a Limiting Belief

Today let’s examine some of your very own beliefs.  You might want to think about an unresolved situation with someone or explore negative beliefs about your work then  apply the questions below to the situation or person to explore your thinking.

  • What is it that you believe?
  • Where does this belief come from?
  • How did you come to believe what you do?
  • Is this belief your own or one that was imposed on you?
  • What does having those beliefs mean to you/say about you?
  • What triggers this belief?
  • What does this belief accomplish?
  • Is that belief appropriate for you today or one that you picked up years ago and forgot to update?
  • What are the beliefs you hold about yourself or how the world works?
  • What is the negative or positive impact of having that belief?
  • What alternative belief could you choose/what would be a better belief for you?
  • If you changed that belief, what would you be able to do that you can’t do now?
  • What happens when you change that limiting belief?
  • What will you gain from letting go of this limiting belief?
  • What beliefs are scripting your life now?

Changing a belief from one that limits you to one that empowers you doesn’t mean that you are wrong in any way or that you accept what happened it simply means you move on from the negativity of the situation setting yourself free from the chains that bind you.

Beliefs are thoughts and choices, do yours serve you or limit you?