27 Nov

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is an intangible barrier that stops us from having the success that we want and deserve. A limiting belief is a mental block stored in our minds, which limits our ability to achieve goals that we set ourselves.  Limiting beliefs are constructs around which we organize our behaviour, they are guiding principles and maps of how we make sense of the world.  Some of our beliefs are not true; they are just thoughts that lead to learnt behaviour and responses. Limiting beliefs are often tied in with self-image or perceptions about the world.  A limiting belief is a repetitive   thought that we think over and over and over again.

Until we question our limiting beliefs we think that they are true and for this reason our beliefs come true, our limiting beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies.  Our limiting beliefs create our perception, through self talk and the internal dialogue that we run inside our heads.  We can talk our self into doing or not doing something, what we believe affects our behaviour and performance.  We will stay in the safety of our comfort zone if a belief creates FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Look carefully and you will see that a limiting belief is nothing more than a thought that you believe to be true. As with judgements limiting beliefs are nothing but patterns of thoughts.  Just because in our experience something has always been true, it does not necessarily follow that it will continue to be true.  Any form of habitual thinking is called a belief.  The conversations that we have inside our own minds further form the limiting beliefs as we replay the limiting belief over and over.  Limiting beliefs can affect every part of our lives, our work, our well being, our relationships and ability to create personal abundance.

Limiting beliefs may be based on old fears, old hurts or old stories that have no relevance in the present moment.  They will collapse the moment that we stop feeding the limiting belief.  What stops us every time are the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the ability to get things done.  We are blocked within a certain area of our lives because of our limiting beliefs.  We may not be happy but we feel safer with what we believe to be fact, even if it limits us.

Rather than find new and empowering beliefs some of us choose to stay limited because of fear of the unknown or because we just have no idea (experience) of what life might be like to let go of that belief.  This is an unconscious response to internalised negative beliefs.   Irrational or limiting beliefs create fear of change, and as we resist seeing any positive outcomes we remain stuck.

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice through The looking Glass, the White Queen says, ‘why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast ‘  This gives an indication, in reality of the amount, the frequency and power of limiting beliefs that we hold.

Top 10 Limiting Beliefs

  • Fear of our greatness
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of not being loved
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • I don’t deserve/I am not  worthy of success
  • Rich people are….all mean, selfish, arrogant, crooks or cheats
  • I have layers of deep-rooted beliefs that hold me back
  • I have to work long and hard for my money

Can you identify your own limiting beliefs?  How are those beliefs serving you? Are they your beliefs or someone else’s?

In tomorrows blog post we will discuss how we can change limiting beliefs