23 Nov

Who knows what will happen………

Yesterday a friend finished her email off with these exact words….‘Who knows what will happen!’  This got me curious in lots of ways.  How often do any of us go through life with a sense of curiosity and wonder about all the good possibilities and opportunities that could come our way.

As children we have a natural sense of wonder, curiosity and excitement about life and the world around us, we explore and seek out new experiences, we learn lessons along the way, we get up if we fall down and we accept other unconditionally without judgement or opinion.

I remember many years ago I had an idea to study anatomy, physiology and holistic massage.  I had the course bookmarked and was excited by the prospect of being a massage therapist…however, when I told a close friend they told me ‘everyone is doing that, it’s too competitive, you won’t make any money, you’ll find the course too hard’ I took her word for it.  I never attended the course.  My sense of curiosity was clouded by another persons opinion and my sense of excitement was squashed.  I’m sure that my friend never meant to stop me in any way (perhaps if she was doing it might have been too much of a risk for her) I merely make the point to encourage you to keep your own sense of wonder.  If you’ve never done something before how will you know it won’t work?  Unless you try you’ll never know if it will.

I’m pleased to say that my curiosity returned and I went on to train in many aspects of holistic health.  I remain curious as to where my future will take me.  I’m curious about the people I meet and encourage them also to be curious about all of the possibilities that might come from being open to wonder.

So my message to you this weekend is to think about all the possibilities a change might bring for you instead of focusing on the things that could go wrong.  Energy flows where attentions goes and it will make the difference if you do or you don’t…think wisely