24 Nov

You only live once…

Today I was inspired to write a post about living and enjoying life.  Perhaps when you go to sleep tonight you may reflect and ask your self a question ”how much of my life did I live my life today?”

It would be easy to say no to meeting friends, attending different Christmas events, making excuses not to try a new hobby or activity.  It would be so easy to stay in and watch TV and retreat into ourselves, but is that really living?

Yesterday I didn’t feel like walking 40 mins into my local town though I’m glad I did.  I saw a neighbour and we chatted, I enjoyed the cold crisp air and sunshine, I stopped to pet a friendly dog, enjoyed the colours of the autumn leaves, enjoyed the feeling of energy in my body after a brisk walk, had a tear in my eye while listening to over 20 primary aged children sing Christmas carols in my local high street.  I knew that I was really living and enjoying life when an African drumming band playing in the high street asked for adult volunteers to get up and dance with them..i did, it was amazing to feel the music in my body and to dance like no one was watching!  I don’t know what I looked like the fact is, in that moment I realised that opportunity would never come again, that moment would pass never to be enjoyed again.

So today, what can you do to live life just that little bit more?  What can you notice with your very own eyes that can be appreciated? How will you spend each moment of your day today?  Today will never come again, some call it ‘The Precious Present’.  When you’re old and grey will you look back over all those old TV shows you watched or remember the moments that took your breath away that filled your heart with joy and appreciation?

As the saying goes “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” William W. Purkey