26 Jan

The Mighty Oak

How many of you forget your inner strength and resilience when you have a challenge?  How many of you bend or break?  How many of you fail to grow because growing seems too painful or risky?  When the heat is on do you wilt and shrivel?

My mind often relates things to nature, like the mighty oak tree that starts of as a tiny acorn and weathers all seasons.  The oak never gives up, whatever the seasonal changes, come what may it remembers its purpose and grows into be a magnificent and mighty oak.

What can you learn from the oak tree than you can apply to your own life so that you stand tall and proud whatever the weather?  It knows intuitively that it can weather any storm, heat or cold, gale or attack from plants or animals.  It never takes things personally it just goes on with the job of growing and being the best it can be.

Take a walk in nature and find that oak and ponder just for a moment…how mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

19 Jan

The world is your lobster what are you waiting for?

Often in life there are lots of unknowns.  We can spend endless amounts of time wondering if something will happen and then taking no action just in case nothing happens.  It’s an endless loop of wondering, wishing, wanting, waiting and doing zilch.

I’ve been guilty at times of sitting on my laurels hoping that things will land in my lap, truth is some of us may get lucky, though I do personally believe we have to get up, get going and take the necessary actions towards achieving our dreams if we really want the things we say we do.

A while back I had a Future Life Progression session with Anne Jirsch and in my future I saw myself still living in my rented flat and not completely happy with sharing (I like my privacy) What I learnt from going forwards was that unless I take action now then I may well end up where I don’t want to be.  Since that day on Anne’s training course to learn the skills of FLP (Future Life progression) I have taken action in lots of different ways and it’s all paying off.  I’m also helping others to look ahead into their futures to see what needs to be changed now!

What action can you take today that will take you in the direction of your dreams?  Take that first small step and I guarantee that momentum will build and you will attract the experiences and things that you want and deserve.

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you will get the same results, make change happen.  You and only you are responsible for bringing to yourself that which you desire!  The world is your lobster what are you waiting for?


15 Jan

Do You Want More Confidence and Awesomeness?

Some of you may know that I’ve signed up to ‘Write Your Book in 12 Weeks’ with Sasha Allenby, co-author of Matrix Reimprinting using EFT.  My book is going to be aimed at women 40+ to move from Helplessness to Happiness so that they can become more confident and awesome.

What do you think of my proposed table of contents?

Chapter 1     Problems with a capital P!                  

Finding Solutions to Your Problems (yes, all of them!)  It’s time to take charge and to acknowledge that unless you, yes YOU start to work through your problems one at a time that those problems will only continue to grow like weeds in your mind, sucking the life out of any hope and joy that is rightfully yours.  So yes you got it, it’s time to get weeding and the good news is I’m going to be with you every step of the way. You are in safe hands, walk this way!

Chapter 2     Honesty is the Best Policy

This section is where you get totally honest with yourself (and me as I am holding you accountable!) Let rip and write uncensored, listing everything that has been festering within you.  All the gripes, the frustrations, the  unfairness’s, the challenges, regrets, losses, fears, guilt’s, shame’s, doubts and worries (and remember to include all the ugly stuff that you were hoping would go away in its own but keeps coming back to bite you on the bum) Taking a Personal Life Inventory of all the weeds that are growing in the garden of your mind before you get down to the business of making change happen will bring awareness to the things that you’ve been holding on to for way too long so that you can be free from them once and for all.

Chapter 3       Getting Down to Business            

Are you ready to be more of you and less of who you’re not?  Do you realise it’s your responsibility to live your life to its fullest so that you can be awesome no matter what?  There is only one rule: From today, YOU take full responsibility for your life and the changes that you would like.  When you take responsibility and work through the action steps included within these pages the weeds (Including the roots) are pulled up from your garden and you have the room to plant all the lovely things you hoped for.    This chapter will guide you to a place where you have the awareness that unless you take control of your  life and your future you’ll get more of what you don’t want.

Chapter 4      Buried Treasure                  

If you ever dreamed of finding buried treasure, in this chapter you will find a treasure chest full of exercises, tips and techniques that you wished you’d discovered before your 40’s

This is where you will find all the ‘How To Stuff ‘that will lead you to become more confident and awesome, yippee. Though, ‘hey, listen up’  It’s a two way process, I lead you and you follow – easy huh?  I have your hand, you are safe, you are supported, you are loved and together we are going to get you there to that place of confidence and awesomeness that you dreamed of. 

Things you might need for this section:

  • The willingness to be vulnerable
  • A promise to yourself to trust the process
  • Paper and pens
  • Oh…and a few soft tissues and a smile

 Chapter  5         Onwards and Upwards

This chapter will support you to reflect on how far you have come already and if there are any chapters you may need to go back to.  I will offer little ditties, insights, tips and reminders as to why continuing to complete the exercises in this book will lead you towards being confident and  awesome for the rest of your life.  You will be ready for your journey using your confidence and awesomeness not just for the next few weeks but for the rest of your life and it’s going to be amazing.

Chapter  6       Finding You & Making the Most of Your Awesomeness          

Congratulations, I am so proud of you, you are amazing.  Hear those words, feel those words, experience and believe them, YOU ARE AMAZING! This final chapter will make sure that you keep motivated towards being your authentic and awesome self so that you can strut your stuff for the rest of your life…who likes weeding anyway!       


13 Jan

Word Power

The power of words has never ceased to amaze me.  Reading or hearing a word spoken can convey and evoke so many different emotions.  Think about the following words now and be aware of the  corresponding feelings that resonate within you.

Anger | Rage | Frustration | Fear….be aware of what changes happen in your physical body, does your jaw clench, head pound, blood race, heart quicken?  Just notice and be aware that the words you think create the physiological feelings within.

Now think of the words Joy | Peace | Love | Happiness and notice the changes within.  Do you find yourself sighing, smiling and notice warmth spreading throughout your body, does your body feel relaxed and light, a flutter in your tummy?

Often times what we think is very negative in fact 70-80% of our thoughts each day are negative that equates to what we feel being the same percentage.  I know what I would rather have.

So for the week ahead just notice the thoughts you are thinking, the words that you utter, the words that you hear, the words that you read.  Remember no one ‘thinks you’, you are in control of your thoughts and how you react to the words you read or hear and your body will respond accordingly.



04 Jan

That could have been me

How often have you looked at someone and wondered what got them into the position they are in, perhaps drunk, drugged, homeless etc?

Last week walking home from my local town, midday, I saw a lady perhaps in her late 50’s sprawled on the floor outside of a pub, a portion of chips lay scattered out on the pavement next to her.  My automatic reaction was to run over to her to see if she was ok and help her up.

After speaking with her and looking more closely, her fingers were stained with nicotine, her clothes unkempt, her voice slurring, part of me wondered if she had a stroke or if it was ‘the booze talking’.  I asked how I could help her and she said she wanted money for incontinence pads.  I gave her a pound or so, she didn’t want helping up or anything else.  I watched from the end of the road concerned for her and saw a stream of people approach her, they too gave her money.  She was there for some time half propped up against a wall collecting change.

Walking back home I reflected on this event, should I have gone to the shops and got her what she asked for, should I have called an ambulance, should I have questioned her about how she was going to use the money she took from passers by?  So many thoughts were running through my mind.

Truth is perhaps giving money was wrong if it was going to be spent in cigarettes or alcohol but I gave with a good heart and trusted her word.  It’s so hard to know what to do for the best and to offer people some dignity if this is what they seek.

It got me thinking…that could have been me laying there perhaps infused with alcohol, a smoker, perhaps homeless, incontinent or without the ability to care for myself adequately.  It got me curious, what led this lady to be in this position, what of her life, her family, her experiences, her challenges and triumphs?

Who are we to judge others?  Next time you look at someone with pity, disgust,  anger or the unfairness of it all reflect for a moment and realise that we may never truly know someone’s story and what led them to that place.  It could have been you!

Let’s count our blessings for everything that we have in our lives as we never know when those blessing may be taken from us.


02 Jan

May The Force Be With You

Happy New Year to you all!  Has your year started with positive or negative force of thoughts and actions?

Obi-Wan Kenobi reminded Luke Skywalker in Star Wars ”Use The Force, Luke” and ”The Force will be with you always”.  Have you realised that The Force is made up of your thoughts?  Your thoughts create energy in your body, such as the energy of joy or anger.  The body will always respond with what you think.  You can’t think a positive and negative thought at the same time, so try this simple exercise below so that you are aware of your very own force.

For a moment go back in your mind and remember and connect with a time when you felt angry.  Take your attention to your body and locate where you feel the anger in your body as you remember the event. Be aware of  The Force, does it feel trapped and blocked in any way, is your energy flowing positively?

Then go back to a memory where you were joyful/happy and be aware of the energy of that memory in your body.  Be aware of The Force, does it feel as if it’s flowing, expanding, growing and positive?

Which force do you enjoy experiencing the most?  We can simply take our mind to a positive or negative thought (past or future)  to create The Force that we think and act from.

As an on-going exercise be aware of your own energy force and what thoughts create it.  If The Force is not as you want it to be/you do not like feeling this way remember as Obi-Wan Kenobi said ”Use The Force, The Force will be with you always”

May the light within each of you never dull.  Go forward and shine your light brightly and be the amazing person that you are