21-Day Write from Your Heart Journaling Invitation

21-Day Write from Your Heart Journaling Invitation with Wendy Fry

Write from Your Heart

Discover Your Authentic Voice Through Journaling

I invite you to join me on this FREE invitation to discover your authentic voice through journaling.  On this ticket to ride please know you have everything you need inside to write from your heart. 

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Writing daily for twenty one days is has many emotional, mental and physical health benefits and is an opportunity to grow into your fullness and be all you can be through the power of expressing yourself on paper. 

A new chapter awaits as does your story waiting to be told.

How Does Journaling Work?

  • Translates your emotional experiences onto paper
  • Cataloguing unspoken words and translating them into the physical world
  • Used as an outlet to record thoughts, feelings and emotions as and when they occur or as a self-reflection tool
  • Helps you understand your past
  • Connects you to discovering joy and gratitude in the present moment
  • Supports you in writing about the past, present or future
  • Honours your experience and authentic voice
  • Journaling gives you permission to be who you are and enables you to express how you think and feel free without judgement, criticism or opinion
  • Used as a tool to compare and measure progress over time
  • External means of support and constant companion
  • Changes your perception when journal entries are re-read and the questions throughout ‘Write from Your Heart’ and the ’21 Days Journaling Invitation’ are applied

How to Journal

Keep it simple, this is all you need for the invitation: Pen, paper, journal, loose leaf paper or notebook.  You may wish to carry a pocketbook or diary around with you to make notes when the writing mood hits and I promise you it will. 

Make time to Write from Your Heart

The more you write the more you want to.  In my own experience writing is a healthy addiction and you may find yourself reaching out for your journal as the best means of personal expression and support when no one else is there to offer comfort or a listening ear.

Say ‘yes’ to you

The process of journaling leads to deep inner healing.  By exploring and writing about your experiences both good and bad, the small inner voice is released, set free and can finally soar ever upwards. 

Now is the perfect time to Write from Your Heart!

Contact me here to register your interest on my next 21 Day Write from Your Heart Journaling Invitation.

I look forward to hearing from you.