24 Aug

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Sasha Testimonaial post

What a joy to receive over the past few weeks some wonderful testimonials for

Find YOU, Find LOVE

Here are just some of the insightful things you gain from applying the transformational techniques that you will discover in Find YOU, Find LOVE

  • Explore your thinking and how this may be limiting you
  • Expose the inner critic that holds you back and gets in your way of achieving your love and relationship goals
  • Identify and release limiting core beliefs and any aspects of the past that may be holding you back from achieving the love and relationships you desire
  • Discover the connection between your mind, body and emotions bringing all three into balance
  • Learn how to align your thinking to that which you want for your future
  • Find out how to shift patterns from the past to change your focus and change your life, love and relationships
  • Master effective ‘self questioning’ techniques that guide you to awaken your heart and open the door to happiness
  • Accept, love and appreciate yourself for who you are
  • Get to the heart of love and relationships using EFT



Whatever your relationship status the information shared within the contents of Find YOU, Find LOVE, will get you thinking differently about your love and relationship challenges

Available on amazon.co.uk in paperback or Kindle format (release date 1st September 2014) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Find-You-Love-heart-relationships/dp/1910202460/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408913987&sr=8-1&keywords=wendy+fry