365 Days to Love

365 Days to LOVE is inspired by noticing just how much love there is around us when we become open to it.

We each have 86,000 seconds in a day. That’s a whole 24 hours of time for love! Each day I keep a gratitude journal of the things that I’m grateful for and love always figures in there. Love comes to me in many forms and there are so many ways to give and receive love.

I hope that this gallery collection will inspire you to look within yourself for love. To notice love around you that may come through thoughts, feelings, actions, words and deeds as well as ‘intuitively knowing’ you are loved. My hope is that you notice how much beauty and love there is in nature and the world around us. It is my hope too, that you connect to love through your heart space, as from this space there will always be an endless fountain of love.

Feel free to click through the images I have created for you and share on Facebook, Pinterest and more.