22 Apr


The Seeds You Plant Today Become the Story of Your Future 

Your Story Needs to be Told 

On researching why people don’t write, stop writing or simply give up on the dream it became evident to me the emotional side of writing needs to be dealt with first and foremost. 

Writing isn’t about writing, it’s about showing up as who you are.  Confidently sharing your message.   Writing and speaking from your heart regardless of what other people think, say or do.  It’s about gaining courage, sharing your truth and growing into YOU.

‘’Your life tells a story and there is someone out there who needs to hear it.  You may think your story is not sensational, but it does not have to be sensational.  It just has to be sincere.  If your audience can relate to you and your experiences, and chances are they will, then you need to tell what you have been through, share your life, share your love and share your message with the world’’ Mark Brown 1995 World Champion public speaker.

Once you take action, get yourself out of your way and ditch the limiting beliefs about writing and becoming an author.  Writing is easy!

You may as well start writing from your heart! Contact to get started on your writers journey.