Find You, Find Love The Book

Dr Peter Kavanagh

Find YOU, Find LOVE

‘’I wholeheartedly recommend this empowering book which will appeal to anyone seeking release from the binds of past emotional pain.  Readers will find it to be the launch pad they seek to that bright future of happiness and love.  With every word, you feel the author’s passion for her work and the learning from her own experience’’ – Dr. Peter Kavanagh Complementary Therapist & Soul Plan Practitioner & Teacher

book order nowThe foundation from which Find YOU, Find LOVE has evolved is through a culmination of personal challenges I experienced from my early teens through to my late 20’s, and the constant changing and uncertainty of relationships in my life. It’s those specific challenges and the ability to work through them, even though it’s been hard that is what has motivated me to want to write this book for you, so that you too will have your own foundation of strength, support and resilience to build upon when life and relationships kick you in the butt.


Sharon‘’Find YOU, Find LOVE by Wendy Fry takes you lovingly by the hand and guides you on a powerful journey to heal your past relationships, transforming your past where you have experienced separation, not feeling safe in the world and unloved. Lovingly guiding you to open your heart once again, to love and be loved. Every relationship we have offers us an opportunity to heal and the most important relationship you can ever have is with yourself. Enjoy the journey back to self-love this fabulous book offers to you’’
– Sharon King, Author of The Book on Birth: Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life.


If you want to discover how to:

  • Change your beliefs about love
  • Let go of the past and move on
  • Turn up your love dial
  • Find and keep love
  • Be the most loving version of yourself

Find YOU, Find LOVE the book is for you if you are struggling to understand your relationships and want to improve them.  The insights you learn about yourself, the internal shifts you make in your thinking and changes you make about your self-worth will be the guiding light which brings you back home to you, a place where you will find the love you have been searching for.

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Even More Praise for Find You, Find Love!


Sasha Allenby Full Size Image“Wendy has written a highly accessible book that first enables you to turn inwards and experience more self-love and then take this out into the world in your relationships. Her Spotlight Process is a very practical solution to help you overcome your relationship challenges. This is a dynamic book that you will use time and time again, and each time you do, it will deepen your connection with yourself and others.”
– Sasha Allenby – best selling author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT and Catalyst

Book Coach, Ghost Writer and Publishing CEO


Curly angled edited by Rachel (2)“Find YOU, Find LOVE is a workbook leading the reader to resolve and heal themselves through insights discovered using The Spotlight process and EFT. The reader is presented with clear, concise guidance on how to use the book and how to work through the exercises. The spotlight process combines physical with psychological processing via meta positioning in an interesting new effective approach. Also, the many case studies elucidate the methods used. “
– Curly Martin – best selling Author of The Life Coaching Handbook, The Business Coaching Handbook and The Personal Success Handbook

Chapter 1: Get to the Heart of Love and Relationships Using EFT

  • What is The Emotional Freedom Technique?
  • EFT Tapping Points and Process
  • Transform Your Thoughts and Feelings Using EFT
  • Positive EFT

Chapter 2: The Spotlight Process

  • Bringing Balance to Your Thinking
  • The Spotlight Process – Key Questions & Practical Exercises
  • Past – Present – Future – Where are you shining your light?
  • Your Life Inventory

Chapter 3: Beliefs

  • Discovering Your Limiting Beliefs, Behaviours, Thoughts and Emotions
  • What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?
  • Understanding Beliefs and Past Conditioning
  • What’s Blocking You from Love?

Chapter 4: The Past

  • How We Learn About Love
  • The Child Inside
  • Comfort Zone
  • Forgiveness

Chapter 5: The present

  • Get to the Heart of Love and Relationships
  • I Am Not My Thoughts
  • Communication is Key
  • Find YOU, Find LOVE

Chapter 6: Looking to the Future

  • Moving Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams
  • The Secret of Finding You
  • Twenty-One Steps to Love
  • This is Your Life