29 Apr

Get the Nation Writing During COVID- 19

Surrey Author Helps Aspiring Writers Make the Most of Lockdown

Whether you’re calling it lockdown or writing retreat, it’s all about perspective

Wendy Fry, a Surrey author who has completed her third book Write from Your Heart during the coronavirus lockdown, wants to get the nation writing. “Life doesn’t need to be limiting when you take to journaling to help you through unexpected change.” states the author.

With business uncertainty looming.  Wendy’s in-person support and writing workshops cancelled.  Instead of being defeated, it made the Sutton author more determined to finish her third book amidst the COVID- 19 outbreak proving there are new ways to break out even in lockdown. 

Preferring to call the ‘stay at home’ directive a ‘Writing Retreat,’ Wendy believes it’s possible to change the way you look at things and use time effectively.  There may be things you can’t do though there is much you can do when you put your mind, heart and soul into it.  Sutton author made it her mission to complete her project in lockdown to create something tangible, which will benefit others longterm. 

Here are just a few of the general benefits to journaling during uncertain times

  • Used as an outlet to record thoughts, feelings and emotions as and when they occur
  • Helps you understand your past, present and future thinking
  • Connects you to discovering joy and gratitude in the present moment
  • Supports you in writing about your life, hopes and dreams
  • Journaling enables you to express how you think and feel without judgement or opinion
  • External means of support and constant companion

You have a story to tell, a unique message to share, an authentic voice wanting to speak and be heard.  Your story, your truth, the words of your heart matter.  Now is the time to set them free amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic.   Let your fears motivate you and write from your heart.

JOURNALING – What you need to get started:

  • A desire to make a positive change for yourself first and foremost
  • Your amazing self
  • Your thoughts
  • Your heart
  • A sense of curiosity
  • Pen & paper

Keep journaling simple: Pen and paper, journal, loose-leaf paper or notebook is all that’s needed.  You may wish to carry a pocketbook or diary around with you or by your bedside to make notes and journal entries when the writing mood hits, and I promise you, it will. 

The more you write, the more you want to.  In my experience, writing can be a healthy addiction, and you may find yourself reaching out for your journal as the best means of personal expression and support. You can tell anything you want to your journal, and it won’t bat an eyelid. 


  • Write every day (start with ten minutes and build up to twenty minutes or more)
  • Make it easy (pen and paper or notebook)
  • Write from your heart uncensored
  • Care more about substance and less about style, grammar and punctuation
  • Recognise the importance of journaling and how regular self-expression can improve your life

Wendy’s third self-help book Write from Your Heart, is due for a May 4th launch because let’s face it in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi we all need to hear ” may the force be with you.”

20% of the 2020 profits from Write from Your Heart are being donated to St Helier Hospital.

Wendy Fry, a sole-trader and a finalist in the South London Business Awards 2019, is committed to inspiring you to use your experiences to work for you not against you.  Your past need not define you, let it shape who you become.

Beta readers of her book latest book have expressed great enthusiasm for writing from the heart:

“There is a possibility that I could fall in love with writing.  Wendy, your work and teachings are so powerful.” Louise.

“All I can say is “WOW” what an inspiring person you are Wendy.   Thank you so much for everything you have shared.  I don’t think anyone could have asked for more from you.” Ann

“You have provided an incredible foundation as a platform for my book, going forward.” Christine

“I learned that when I connected with my heart, the writing did flow.  No halting or procrastination. Thank you for that, Wendy.” Peggy

“At times, we find ourselves holding back instead of telling our story. By journaling, we find the real you, the authentic you. Read, Write from Your Heart and with Wendy’s guidance, your words will become magical.  In this book, you will discover how to ‘own’ your words, to develop your skill as a writer, and how to be brave. Yes, brave, brave enough to heard and to reveal the real you.” Foreword by Anne Jirsch, author of Future Vision Your Working Life   

Write from Your Heart is available on Amazon or direct from the author for bulk discounts for your writing group, community projects and as thank you gifts to the key workers in your area.  Both e-book and paperback versions will be available for the 4th May 2020.

Whether you’re an aspiring author, structuring content for a blog or simply want to fall in love with writing the practical exercises shared within Write from Your Heart will inspire you to move out of your own way and empower your author voice within. 

Let’s get the nation writing – we are in this together!

Author Bio: Wendy Fry – Writing Coach, Ghostwriter and Therapist with over twenty years in the writing and wellbeing industry will empower you to set and achieve your aspiring author goals. Offering transformational, simple, and practical strategies, you will discover your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you deserve.  www.wendyfry.com