12 Jun

Author Confessions: Part Two

I was fifteen, neither a child, not an adult in limbo-land.  Part of me still wanting to play with Fuzzy Felts and Etch a Sketch and the other part, immersed in Rimmel Twilight Teaser Lipstick, jumper dresses and heels I couldn’t walk in.  Crimped hair, Duran, Duran and ‘Adam Ant’ were calling me.  As for boys, they were still stinky and yucky and yet there was a curiosity building. 

Author Confessions
’’When you are true to yourself, you can express all of who you are, holding nothing back.  By doing so, you gain a sense of self-acceptance and confidence.  As a writer and author, this is part of the journey of daring to be you, being brave enough to be real no matter how ugly it gets and sharing your story. ‘’ Wendy Fry

Author Experience

My wake-up call to falling in love with writing freely from my heart was in secondary school when ‘Mr Howard’, the English Teacher at Sutton West set a homework essay to write on the topic” My Family.” This writing project was BANG on time, and I couldn’t wait to spew the contents of my heart.  My parents were getting a DIVORCE. I had no idea what a DIVORCE was though it is sure as hell worse than LEARNING THE ALPHABET!

Growing up was a confusing time for me.  All that I had known had become unknown.  I felt like a zombie, staggering about in a stunned daze.

I didn’t tell a soul about how I was feeling.  Instead, I wrote pages and pages about My Family.  Pen and paper became my trusted friend. Communicating in a new way without fear of judgement, blame or upsetting either parent, I wrote out my deepest hurts and fears. 

I knew in that turning point moment, swinging on my wonky chair by the window in the English hut, 5B my life would never be the same because I’d fallen in love with writing.  Writing truthfully about my heartfelt experiences was then and still is now totally freeing. 

As a result of this life-changing poop storm, homework of the essay kind took on a new meaning and my writing ability improved prolifically.  Not writing for reward or recognition, purely to release emotional pain, it was an unexpected bonus to receive A’s in red pen for my English work.

I nearly kissed Mr Howard for introducing me to ‘writing from my heart’, but he had an orange beard with some of his lunch attached and the overwhelming stale smell, I rapidly reigned in that idea.  The man was a genius, a master in the making; he knew the power of words and how they can change lives. I am genuinely grateful for that day.  

Author’s Story & Attitude

So, you see, ‘My Story’ and my writing journey began out of shock, fear, confusion and uncertainty.  I do believe writing from my heart saved my life and got me through those dark days. 

You are not what happened to you – YOU define who you become – Wendy Fry

My BIG WHY (the reason I write) is plain and simple.  I write to Help Other People Evolve.  To encourage them to share their story and write from their hearts. 

Be sure to share the words of your heart with your journal as a starting point to writing your first blog, self-help book, memoir or novel.  Perhaps you will agree, it’s about time you set your words free? Write from Your Heart, my third book will show you how.

Feel free to feedback on your experience of learning to read and write in the comments below. I’d love to find out what you’re working on and how I may be of support to you as a writing coach and mentor.

Author Bio


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Wendy Fry – Writing Coach, Ghostwriter and Therapist with over twenty years in the writing and wellbeing industry will empower you to set and achieve your personal and writing goals. Offering transformational, simple, and practical strategies, you will discover your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you deserve.  www.wendyfry.com  Helping you write from your heart.

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18 May

We Are All Authors

Only you know your story.  Isn’t it about time you wrote it from your heart?

The writing prompts and exercises shared in Write from Your Heart will help you understand your past, present and future exploring various journaling methodologies.

The words of your heart matter – Now is the time to set them free!

Your words and your story matter


What you need to get started:

A desire to make a positive change for yourself first and foremost. 

  • This book
  • Your amazing self
  • Your Thoughts 
  • Your Heart
  • A sense of curiosity
  • Pen & paper

Keep journaling simple: Pen and paper, journal, loose-leaf paper or notebook is all that’s needed.  You may wish to carry a pocketbook or diary around with you or by your bedside to make notes and journal entries when the writing mood hits, and I promise you, it will. 

The more you write, the more you want to.  In my experience, you may find yourself reaching out for your journal as the best means of personal expression and support. Your journal is there for you when you wish to speak freely.


  • Write every day (start with ten minutes and build up to twenty minutes or more)
  • Make it easy (pen and paper or notebook)
  • Write from your heart uncensored
  • Care more about substance and less about style, grammar and punctuation
  • Recognise the importance of journaling and how regular self-expression can improve your life

Copy the following prompts into the front of your journal for easy reference

  • How will this journal piece support me as an author?
  • What benefits did I gain from writing this journal entry?
  • What did I find particularly interesting about this piece?
  • What have I learnt about myself personally or professionally in this piece of writing?
  • Based on my experience and my journal entry, who else may benefit from reading my words?
  • How can I best use my experience in the form of a book to inspire my reader?
  • How is my life experience translatable into a critical message for those reading?
  • What words of wisdom can I share as an author to help others heal, evolve and transform? 
  • What ideas and themes do I notice for future books, blogs and topics to share with my audience?
  • What can I choose to do now do to make the rest of my day, evening, week, month or year ahead even better after considering what I have recorded?

Whatever life challenges you have overcome, the ‘poop’ you may be trying to wade through right now or your fears for the future, please know and remember, you carry the solution to any problem inside yourself. 

Benefits of using Write from Your Heart processes :

‘’Everything is easy with your uncomplicated guidance, thanks.’’ Lara 

‘’Thank you so much, Wendy, for your wealth of knowledge provided.’’ Loretta

‘’Your programme gave me the new perspective I needed to write and publish my first book.  Thank you, Wendy.’’ Jillian

I encourage you to use the exercises shared throughout Write from Your Heart to bring balance to your thinking and activate the words of your heart.  In doing so, when you write uncensored, you learn about yourself and the world at large.  Take time to understand your behaviours, stressors, emotions, thoughts, feelings and motivators. 

Writing about the crud of life as well as the juicy and fun parts allows you to become more solution-focused than problem-centred. The more you write the easier it becomes. Books are made of writing.

We are all authors. Isn’t it about time your wrote the story of your life?

You find many in roads and out roads through journaling which bring new beginnings and undiscovered horizons for writing opportunities.  You may even find the thought of the uncertainty becomes exciting for you and welcome each new day knowing whatever happens you can handle it.

All changes, both the planned and shocking ones, require inner mastery as does writing and completing a book.   I have written Write from Your Heart while amid a global crisis. My hope is, with awareness, you too can adapt and gain flexibility when life is unknown and take one day at a time savouring the positives in life.

Some of my clients using the journaling process alongside coaching and therapeutic support state they sleep better and have an improvement in energy and find the joy of life returns. 

If you know, before starting your writing journey, you will benefit from my coaching and mentoring to include emotional support do reach out to discuss my range of support options. www.wendyfry.com 

Every day is a great day to write from your heart ~ Wendy Fry

Author Bio 

Write from Your Heart and Discover Your Author Voice Within

Wendy Fry – Writing Coach, Ghostwriter and Therapist with over twenty years in the writing and wellbeing industry will empower you to set and achieve your personal and writing goals. Offering transformational, simple, and practical strategies, you will discover your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you deserve.  www.wendyfry.com