29 Aug

The Best of Friends

When you think of the word friend or friendship who or what comes to mind?

I love using a Thesaurus and found the following meanings in terms of friendship and the components of what we might mutually bring to a relationship with friends.  Reading through how many of these statements resonate with you and the friendships you’re blessed with?

  • accord
  • affection
  • agreement
  • closeness
  • devotion
  • harmony
  • intimacy
  • love
  • rapport
  • understanding
  • affinity
  • amiability
  • company
  • consideration
  • empathy
  • fondness
  • friendliness
  • sodality

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I don’t know about you but I personally have the best of friends and have known many of them for over 35 years, oh boy, that makes me feel a little old though all things considered my friendships have lasted longer than my relationships.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, nationalities, ages, sexes with common goals and aims or opposing opinions.  I can understand the term ‘friends for life’ as so many of us are blessed with life long friendships from the day we form the friendship until the day we die, so many wonderful experiences can be shared with friends.

I invite you to take a moment today to honour your friendships and acknowledge them in some way, whether it be a call,  meeting up, sending a greeting by social media or indeed sharing this blog post just to say ‘thank you for being my friend.’

It’s often our friends who are there for us in our darkest hours and who are the first to want to celebrate our successes.

So on that note to all my wonderful friends, I love you, thank you for being in my life, you are the best!




04 Jul

Through the Keyhole ~ An Insiders view on LOVE

If someone were to spy through the keyhole of your home, your heart and mind.

How much love would they find residing there?

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Through the keyhole is a British comedy panel game created by Sir David Frost.  It features the host going around famous peoples homes and the viewers having to guess who lived there.

This got me to thinking that if David Frost were to peek through the keyhole of your life, just how much love would he find there?

I wonder if you would behave any differently if someone were spying on you.

  • Would you decide not to argue with your spouse and family?
  • Would you be more generous with your time and affection?
  • Would you make more of an effort to communicate how much your loved ones mean to you?
  • Would you forgive yourself for your wrong doings and others theirs?

Sometimes it’s not until it’s too late that we wish we’d acted differently, said the words we felt and made more time to be with our families and friends.

Perhaps for you a relationship has ended and you never truly showed your love?

Often a person we cared for may have died and we never got to share with them what they meant to us.

As you go about your days and weeks and months ahead, stop for a moment before acting or reacting and see what you can do, say or be to show your love more freely.

Love is only a blink away!

Wendy Fry author of Find YOU Find LOVE

Your Love and Relationship Coach , Helping you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems with grace http://www.wendyfry.com

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31 May

When Time Stands Still

Time flies when you’re having fun it’s true!  Though when have you experienced time standing still?

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For me time stands still when I remember:

My first kiss…

The feeling of connection with someone special even in silence…

The joy in my heart for having loved…

Treasured snapshots of time captured in my mind, body and spirit…


When you look back through the scrapbook of your mind when does time stand still for you?

Who were you with?

Where were you?

What were your predominant feelings?

How has that experience benefited you?

What would you do or say if you had that time over again?

Last night I had the pleasure of connecting with someone from my past.  We’ve been in contact for nearly 20 years, seldom meeting though the thread of happy memories and times spent together have remained strong.

Time stood still for me last night  It’s as though I really was that person from 20 years ago.  It was an amazing experience to once more enjoy the connection and bond between two people and be transported back to that time and talk about so many happy memories.

I know that some of you may not have the opportunity to re-connect in the physical world with a loved one from your past though I want you to know that energetically the connections to those that you have loved never die. It is my belief that when you think of them that they will know this and send love to you in return.

I invite you to reflect on the times you have loved and to know that whatever the outcome as William Arthur Ward would say…..

”To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.

To reach out to another is to risk involvement.

To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.

To place your ideas and dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To hope is to risk pain.

To try is to risk failure.

But risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing” 

Arthur’s poem reminds us that we are powerful creators in our lives and we still have time to take risks.

I for one am going to take all these risks….

Would you care to join me? 

From my heart to yours with love,

Wendy x

If you would like some support in understanding love relationships.  I work in person in Sutton, Surrey UK and also over Skype internationally www.wendyfry.com

Spend the next 60 seconds to watch this amazing video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAID_2iKO5Y

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29 Jan

What a Difference A Day Makes – 24 Little Hours

And that difference is YOU!

We all have the same amount of hours in the day, 86,400 seconds in fact and I hope that today and every day you choose to make a difference to yourself!

On the 25th January 2015, I was very fortunate to be invited to speak at The Giving Back Conference hosted by the amazing Brett Moran http://brett-moran.com/gbc  This is the second year running Brett has hosted the event and all funds raised go to ‘Rebuilding Sri Lanka’.


Not only were the speakers and organisers at The Giving Back Conference giving their time freely and willingly to raise funds, we all gathered to give you the opportunity to ‘Give Back To Yourself!’.

The energy in the room was amazing.  Nearly one hundred beautiful souls gathered together to give back to themselves and showed up for this life changing transformational event to create personal shifts and global change.  Principles were shared to help to initiate mindset shifts so that each and every person attending can achieve their personal goals.

Speakers Tim Box & Zoe Clews, street hypnotists http://boxandclews.com/ blew our minds with just how easily our minds can believe something even if it’s not real, it feels real.  Brett literally had his hand glued to the table believing he couldn’t move it.

How many of your limiting beliefs are like that? 


Brett gave an awesome talk and shared with us his journey from addiction to recovery, to loving life and yoga.  Brett is an amazing man who speaks from the heart, who shows up as who he is, who cares so deeply and compassionately about people and the word around us and does some amazing work both with individuals and groups through his coaching programmes http://brett-moran.com/

Brett has a passion for helping others and an exuberant energy for life and living.  The funds raised from the day will add so much benefit to the people of Sri Lanka to rebuild their lives.  Thank you Brett for making a difference to all that had the opportunity to attend The GBC, our lives and the lives of others will never go back to the same shape after experiencing this transformational day.



I was up next as a new speaker which was an amazing privilege for me to connect with others who were open and ready to learn about ‘self love’.


There was so much acceptance in the room, so much trust, so much openness and so much love.  I shared my own story about believing at the age of twelve when my dad left that ‘I was Unlovable’ and talked a little about my first book ‘Find YOU, Find LOVEwhich shares the tools and techniques that guide you to finding more self love, self acceptance and as a result be able to give and receive love without conditions.

I realise now as an adult that the beliefs I formed weren’t true at all and that the reason my dad left was that he too felt unloved.  Beliefs can shape our lives negatively and positively.  Be sure to check in with your beliefs and how they may be limiting you.


Many people at the conference shared with me that they resonated with my own story and were able to identify their own limiting beliefs about love and relationships based on their own individual experiences, often in childhood were still shaping their lives and how focusing on the past was limiting the capacity to fully love and the opportunity to fully live.

I could have talked all day about this subject and getting to know each persons experience of putting love outside of themselves, it’s a subject I will never tire of.  My journey has made me who I am and my pain has allowed me to connect with each of you through love and i wouldn’t change that for a thing.

Make your past work for you and shine your light on all that is possible for you and then some!

AlexDixonPhotography-225 (2)

Leading the group through The Spotlight Process a simple process which helps you examine where you are sending your thought time and how to bring your thoughts into balance, EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique) to aid releasing pain from the past connected with love and relationship difficulties and a beautiful Future Life Progression to meet the ‘wizened older self’ to share messages about self love.  I felt truly humbled to connect in this way with so many.


AlexDixonPhotography-235 (2)

Thank you to all who joined in with these amazing techniques, Many of you came up after to feedback about the shifts, transformations and ‘light bulb moment’s’ that you had from applying the strategies offered to you.  Giving back to yourself in this way will have so many benefits and those benefits will grow and grow long after the day itself.


Next up was the very gentle and calming Robert Gebka, Director of The Dorset Mindfulness Centre http://www.dorset-mindfulness.co.uk/  Robert is author of Managing Depression with Mindfulness for Dummies. 


Robert had some amazing demonstrations that showed us how the mind can become overwhelmed with thinking and overwhelmed with doing, he talked us through some relaxations and I have to be honest, I was so zoned out getting into them I can’t even remember what he was saying, it was just like being still and going inside, being but not hearing or doing.  It was soooooo sooo relaxing.

Here’s Robert with Brett.  What a winning combination to teach us to give something back to ourselves through awareness.



Brett shared with us details of a book ‘Moment, By Moment’ by Jerry Braza & Tich Nhat Hanh which lead to Brett’s own personal transformation and boy did will all have some transformation moments on Sunday.  Although i’m writing away here, much of the day was beyond words.

Thank you to each and every one of you that showed up, I am so humbled to have shared the space and shared the love with you.  You make the difference!  Be proud of yourselves!

Today and every day is the first day of the rest of your life, LIVE IT! 








Special thanks go to Jo Galloway, Brett’s PA who made it all happen…what’s a spelling mistake between friends x Love you Jo!

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Praise and a massive high five go to the awesome Alex Dixon, photographer and general nice guy, a strong, silent presence who has captured beautifully all the magic moments from the day.

Stupendous praise, thanks and love go to  the gorgeous Ella Brett’s daughter who helped us out with the raffle, check in and generally just being her beautiful self.  I thought she might be a little camera shy for this blog, believe me she is like her daddy, beautiful inside and out.

What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours.  That difference is YOU!

Day by day, week by week, moment by moment go back to the heart of you.  Within you is everything you will ever need.

Namaste…..I see you x

www.wendyfry.com Helping you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems


What a Difference a Day Makes by Dinah Washington http://youtu.be/OmBxVfQTuvI

17 Jan

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to yourself?   If it was a long time ago or never, now is the perfect time to change that.

Do you find it easy to tell others that you love them, or say it in the hope to receive the declaration of love back?  

What about you, how much self love and self acceptance  do you have?

It took me a long time to realise that putting love outside of myself  for another person to validate me was setting myself up for failure.

I’ve spent many years working out why my relationships weren’t working and I share my insights with you in my blog posts and in my first book Find YOU, Find LOVE available on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1910202460 

It's time to move on from the past

Creating loving relationships comes from loving yourself first.  Your outer world will mirror back to you your inner world.  What you believe about yourself both the positive and the negative, you may attract back towards you.  When you are more tender and loving towards yourself, you will have reflected back to you boundless opportunities for love.

You have an opportunity right now to learn from the past and to work towards treating yourself differently, learning to respect, love and honour yourself completely.   It’s time to start appreciating and acknowledging yourself for who and what you are.

Any time you come away from your truth, your wholeness, your centre and lose sight of your greatness and your lovability, gently forgive yourself and go back to treating yourself with love, respect and care.

When you slip back into old behaviours of self criticism, self judgement and harshness, think about what it was  that made you act in an unloving way towards yourself and be aware of any thoughts, words and actions that you expressed about yourself that were hard hearted and insensitive.

When you learn to be more loving and considerate to yourself first and foremost,  your inner mirror reflects to the outside world that you are happy, content and already filled with love and this is what will show up for you…even more love!

Day 15 i love you

365 Days to Love

Heart Based Exercise 

Complete the following love statements below by either speaking them out loud, repeating silently inside your own mind or write out in full using a journal. Re-read these statements every day adding additional statements of your own:

  • I love knowing that I deserve….
  • I love being….
  • I love feeling…
  • I love allowing….
  • I love choosing…
  • I love enjoying…
  • I love exploring…
  • I love that I have decided to…
  • I love knowing that…

When you are able to love and accept yourself totally for who you are, life unfolds and supports you in a way that you may never have dreamed possible.  You are completely self sufficient, whole, resourceful and complete without the love of another.

If you would like to find out more about my services and the love & relationship support available to you go to https://wendyfry.com/services/ I work internationally over Skype and in person in Sutton, Surrey.

Find YOU, Find LOVE in person workshops run every 3rd Saturday in the month for a small and intimate group of 6 people. http://youtu.be/nnBNjwKx-m0

You can download chapter 3 of Find YOU, Find LOVE from my website along with a whole range of free resources and audio downloads www.wendyfry/book/resources