Feedback and Reviews

Here’s what others are saying after working with Wendy on a bespoke writing coaching programme of support, attending a workshop or writers’ retreat.

‘’There is a possibility that I could fall in love with writing… Wendy your work and teachings are so powerful.’’ Louise.

‘’All I can say is “WOW” what an inspiring person you are Wendy.   Thank you so much for everything you have shared.  I don’t think anyone could have asked for more from you.  If anyone is thinking of working with Wendy – all I can say is go for it – don’t regret not doing it – and that is from the heart.  Wendy has been a great help to me in publishing and marketing my first book.  Sometimes the little tips can be so valuable – as much as the bigger ones.  So, a massive thank you, Wendy.’’ Ann

‘’I realised that with a bit more dedication on my part those books I have started will get middles, the ones in mid-stage will get endings and I can actually write and instruct when I put my mind to it! Cheers Fryster.’’ Martin

‘’Your support encouraged me to have more confidence in a writing routine and getting the material I teach into written form.’’ Lydia.

‘’Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being just you, kind, compassionate, motivating, fun, encouraging, challenging, knowledgeable and loving. You have provided an incredible foundation as a platform for my book going forward.’’ Christine

‘’The encouragement you gave me on my programme worked well for me – I was reluctant at first to start writing my book, but then I remembered how writing helped me reclaim ‘me’ again, and almost cannot stop!’’ Susie

‘’Your workshop helped me enormously. I enjoyed the way you carefully encouraged people to write.  I think one of the best things you suggested was to use all your senses when writing or when looking at something.  Doing this can only enhance our writing and especially for someone who wishes to write a novel or some other kind of book.  You have certainly given me much food for thought.  I shall be eternally grateful’’ – Love and Blessings, Barbara xx

‘’Wendy is a true professional on every level and provides clients with everything required to make the most of the Define Your Ideal Reader session together.  Her dedication to the highest service she can offer means that she spends time beforehand assessing the pre-session material.  In turn, this means that the time spent together is highly focused.  Her intuition and encouragement pervade all she does, making her guidance not only razor-sharp but also inspiring!  This session really helped me to get clear on the many areas of writing my book and I can wholeheartedly recommend a DYIR session to anyone who seriously considers finally writing that book that has been calling them!’’ Deborah Wiggins Hay

” Wendy is a fantastic sounding board and you will not find a more encouraging and enthusiastic person with the knowledge, know-how and experience to make your dream a reality.  Importantly I know I can rely on Wendy’s confidentiality too and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants assistance with writing whether that be a book, blog post or marketing material.  If you are considering working with Wendy, you will be in the very best set of hands.” Ann Bowditch, author of The Energy of Anxiety available on Amazon

“I highly recommend Wendy and her services.  I have referred many clients to her in the past and continue to do so.” Sasha Allenby.  Founder at Equality Hive 

‘’Thanks, Wendy, for your programme and fabulous teachings.’’ Satminder

‘’I learned that when I connected with my heart, the writing did flow.  No halting or procrastination. Thank you for that, Wendy.’’ Peggy

‘’I loved working with you.  Everything was easy with your uncomplicated guidance, thanks.’’ Lara 

‘’Thank you so much, Wendy, for your wealth of knowledge provided.  For your persistent personal attention and support.’’ Loretta

‘’I wish it would go on forever with Wendy as my writing coach. You did a great job with us. You are a shining example of a life put to productive use. I can’t thank you enough.’’ Jesse

‘’Your programme gave me the new perspective I needed to write and publish my first book.  Thank you, Wendy.’’ Jillian

‘’I have made many discoveries upon this workshop. One is that the more you write the easier it becomes, and you can even get faster at it.’’ BB

‘’With your support I was able to express what’s inside in the written sense.  I gained insight and perspective for the content of my book and who I want to reach moving forwards.  You made learning fun.  I felt nurtured and supported throughout.  Thank you for being you.’’ Lisa

Whether you’re an aspiring or published author as a writing coach Wendy will empower you to set and achieve your writing goals.  Offering transformational, simple and practical strategies to tap into your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you truly deserve as an author. 

Reach out.  Connect.  Contact Wendy today to get started on your writing journey. 

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