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Imagine you have found your best way forward as a writer and author.  You have found the next year to be the most successful it can be after investing in your Future Life Progression session. 

Think about what you may have changed, what actions have you taken and what choices have you made to have your most successful year as a writer and one where you have made the most of your writing talents and opportunities.

What projects have you completed? 

What new materials have you developed?

What are you planning?

What did you achieve in this past year to make the most of your talents?

What new belief have you formed about yourself and your ability to write?

What actions have you taken which have supported you to achieve your full potential?

What has been your greatest writing achievements? 

What is the significant change in your work?

What new opportunities have come your way?

How did you make the most of the opportunities?

What is different about you?

What is your focus?

What are you writing?

What have you stopped doing? 

What have you started doing?

What are you doing differently?

Contact to book ‘Year Ahead as a Writer and Author’ support session.

Within this 90 minute support session you will have the opportunity to write the foundation of a twelve-month plan of the exact actions you will take to support you in reaching your writing goal.

Your investment is £175 and includes a blueprint template sent to you on booking.   Additional coaching sessions are available if needed. 

Future Life Progression sessions are available across a range of topics online for your convenience.  

Imagine how looking one, five, ten or more years into your future.  What could you change with the wisdom gained from peeking ahead?

Future Life Progression is a unique and safe way to look ahead into your future to find out what next steps to take in your life, now. It’s a positive experience which can only change your life for the better.

Future Life Progression, sometimes known as future visioning is profoundly enriching to explore at the start of writing your first book.  You can find out title ideas, the best date to launch your book, book series ideas as well as who are the best people to support you in sharing your author voice.

Lara’s Testimonial

I am setting up a business based on my first book.  I knew I needed to make crucial decisions in my life.  My focus for the session was to see how my business would progress and how could I use my book in the way I imagined furthering my career. 

Deb’s Testimonial

A few weeks on from our writing retreat, I feel like a different person.  My heart is opening as I write. Wendy gives herself fully. She loves what she does. She is highly skilled and has an array of techniques and resources to help in any situation; you feel safe and held when working with her.  Future Life Progression surprised me and has jumpstarted me into taking action and start writing down my book ideas.

Why wait when the future is in your hands.  Contact Wendy to book your Future Life Progression session and use this technique in any area of your life. Your investment is £175 

‘’I realise those books I’ve started with more dedication will get middles and the ones in mid-stage will get endings when I put my heart and mind to it! Cheers.’’ Martin.

‘’Your support encouraged me to have more confidence in a writing routine and to get the material I teach into written form.’’ Lydia.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt