08 Feb

Glass Half Full?

When asked is your glass half full or half empty what do you say.

You, yourself have the ability to fill your glass up with self love.  You have the endless capacity to love and that love begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

Without self love and taking personal responsibility to fulfil our own needs, we operate from a place of lack and neediness; we cannot love another or receive love until we believe ourselves to be completely whole. 

Unless we truly love ourselves, we will never believe someone else does. 

By loving and caring for ourselves we show others that it’s ok for them to love and care for us too.  We are often treated by others as we treat ourselves and if we cannot love ourselves, we make it very difficult for others to love us.

glass full of love

Even though we may say that we want the relationship of our dreams, we might also believe that it’s impossible to have a fulfilling and loving relationship.  What we do want and what we don’t want seem to be in conflict. Part of us may believe that true love and happiness is possible and the other part denying any thought of entertaining it.  We might push love and the opportunity for true happiness away, without realising we are sabotaging ourselves.

Personal transformation occurs, once we are able to identify how we get in our own way, so we can then release and remove those inner obstacles to love.

Feel free to download your copy of The Self Love Inventory working through to see where you may be falling short in the self love department https://wendyfry.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Self-Love-Inventory-Heart-Based-Practical-Exercise1.pdf

There is also a full 4 page Love and Relationship inventory on www.wendyfry.com that you can print off for free to work out if you are needy in love.  This will help you to explore your love and relationship beliefs.

Please do make contact if you need some help in working through your love and relationship problems.  You can work with me in person or via Skype or attend one of my workshops which run monthly, you can contact me for dates via my website.

workshop table

Making time for yourself will be one of the best investments you have ever made.

Self care will ultimately lead to self love.

All relationships begin with you and when you are able to care for yourself, love, respect and accept yourself, this makes it easier for others to love, respect and accept you too. 

You can change your beliefs and work through any personal limitations using The Spotlight Process and EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique.  I will be offering you to opportunity to receive completely free on  on Valentine’s Day, a copy of my book, Find YOU, Find LOVE.  The announcements and details of how to receive will be on my Find YOU, Find LOVE Facebook page.  You just need to like the page and check in on Valentine’s Day to receive details of how to claim your copy. https://www.facebook.com/findyoufindlove?ref=hl

When you become more of who you are and less of who you are not, self love and acceptance become easier and opens up a world of loving opportunity all around you.  You no longer need to hide behind a mask of falseness being who you ‘think you need to be’ for others to love and accept you.   You except yourself fully and completely regardless of another person’s words or actions and just get on about the business of being your amazing self!

Who you are is so worth loving exactly as you are.  Remember that always!

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