21 Jul

Honesty is the best policy – How to recognise what isn’t working in your life

Honesty is the best policy – How to recognise what isn’t working in your life.

Ok so life and love may not be the way you would like it to be right now.  This exercise will support you in working through your limiting beliefs about love and relationships.


• Create an inventory of your time line (from birth to now) of any negative, fearful beliefs and emotions that limit you, especially connected to love and relationships

• Observe and question in the best way that you can, what you have come to believe about love and relationships and why

• Keep a diary or journal to record painful feelings, the situations in which the feelings arise that make you feel unhappy

• Once you notice a thread of thought, explore if the thoughts are propelling you forward towards joy and happiness or are your thoughts holding you back from love?

• Identify 10 of your own limiting beliefs about love and relationships, select the references (evidence that you think is true) that make these beliefs apparent for you.

Be aware from now on, when you are thinking or behaving in a way that may be limiting you. The words in our heads create thoughts, the thoughts create feelings , the feelings create actions and actions create results (negative or positive)

Release the beliefs that no longer serve you using The Spotlight Process and EFT.   These powerful transformation techniques can be found in Find YOU, Find LOVE which is now available on amazon uk for pre-order

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