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When you have an inner battle about sharing your message and being seen as an author, you may find yourself coming up with hundreds of reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t write.  Self-doubt, criticism and perceived judgement create writer’s block, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 
I reach out from my heart to yours to share what I’ve learnt in the past twenty years to fast track you into transforming your limiting beliefs and personal blocks to writing and achieving the author success you deserve. 
Hypnosis for authors works subconsciously to support you in being free from overwhelming emotions so you can get on with the business of writing. 
Here are just a few of the options available to you.
Negative Memory Release
Fed up with reliving experiences from the past? Overwhelmed by your emotions or other people’s? Begin today, leave your past in the past and continue your writer’s journey in a more positive, happy, confident and content frame of mind and share your authentic message with ease.
Anger Release
Anger is a healthy emotion if used wisely, and hypnosis for authors will help you to release unresolved anger enabling you to write from your heart. Set yourself free and get into the writing flow today.
Saying Goodbye
Losing someone we love and care about whether through a relationship break up, or death is often one of the most challenging things we must go through as writers.  Allow yourself to gain acceptance of what has come to pass.  Move forward and get on with the business of writing from your heart.
Emotional Calm
Are you feeling worn out and overwhelmed?  Experiencing writer’s block and lack of energy? Emotional Calm, hypnosis for authors will provide guide you to attain a sense of deep relaxation and get back into the flow of life and writing.  
Fear Release
When fear becomes destructive, it stops you from achieving the things in life which are essential as a writer.  Fear release,  Hypnosis for authors will support you in letting go of what’s weighing you down enabling you to create for yourself a happier future as a writer.
We all experience adverse life events, unwanted situations and people who challenge us to distraction. Hypnosis for forgiveness takes you to a place where you can draw a line under your past, aiding you to write from your heart with ease.
Guilt Release
Guilt left unaddressed has a way of growing inside.  It stops you living in the present and keeps you stuck in the past.  Holding onto guilt not only hurts you, but it also prevents you from living a healthier and happier life as a writer.   
Healing the Inner Child
Within you lies an ‘Inner Child’ with unmet needs, hopes and dreams. Your inner child has been waiting too long to feel heard, encouraged and loved unconditionally. Hypnosis for authors will assist you in healing the hurt within, setting your inner child free to write confidently and to live life with a sense of fun and curiosity.
Rebuilding Trust
Do you have trust issues and limiting beliefs about yourself or others? Scared of being hurt, let, down, disappointed or rejected as an author, writer or blogger? You are not alone.  Use hypnosis for authors to built trust and resilience and move forward confidently as a writer. 
Back to the Womb
Writing a book can be compared to ‘birthing a book’ and requires nurturing, time and care.  Hypnosis for authors will guide you back to experience connection with your birth mother to receive love and nurturance regardless of the relationship with your mother then or now.  When we feel ‘at home’ within ourselves and accept ourselves and experiences, writing flow improves.
Whatever your struggles, doubts or insecurities about your ability, hypnosis for authors leads you to experience feelings of calm, relaxation and inner peace wherever you are in your writer’s journey. Act now. Improve your self-belief and confidence as a writer and book your hypnosis breakthrough session today.
Your investment for the future
Get in the ‘Write Frame of Mind’ tailored ‘Hypnosis for Authors’ support sessions are available over Skype and priced at £125 per 60 minute session.  Contact to book. 
To access the guided audio’s as detailed (each audio lasts for up to 30 minutes ) you can contact Wendy to arrange payment transfer for all eleven audio’s reasonably priced at £99.