22 Jul

I Believe in Being Real

Having the title, ‘author’ doesn’t mean I’m some sort of guru who needs to be bowed down to or held in revere.  There is no need to stutter in my presence, put on your posh voice or talk about the weather. 
I am possibly no different from you.  I too am a living, walking, talking breathing person with feelings, doubts and worries.  Life has thrown me its fair share of curveballs, poop storms, and drama – Enough to make me scream ‘’stop the ride I want to get off.’’ 
I’ve abandoned the rollercoaster when I’ve needed to.  Walked round in circles somewhat.  Had a good cry AND eaten the family pack of biscuits as well as the whole tub of a certain Cherry Garcia. 
After taking time out when the going’s got tough, to breathe and breathe some more.  I’ve dusted myself down and in the absence of sage, ‘Mexican Waved’ myself and then performed my finest Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter spin around.  Climbed back on the ride with my Dorothy ”You Had the Power All Along My Dear” red sparkly shoes,  added some extra gumption and donned a kickass attitude to boot.
Without you, ‘the reader of my words,’ the word ‘author’ or ‘writer’ is a title which has no meaning.  I am who I am – because of you.  YOU, wonderful, beautiful person that you are.  YOU took the time to read my words and I thank you.
We are on this journey called life together.  For some reason we are here connecting right now, spooky I know or maybe it’s The Universe working its magic. 
I intend to be real and meet you where you’re at.  Two hearts connecting as one.  All of you and all of me though I warn you in advance – I may not share my ice cream tub because we both know…there really only is enough for one. 
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