02 Nov

Make time to smell the roses…

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, luxuriated in a bubble bath, read a whole book in a day, took time out with friends or simply closed the door on everything and made some you time?

peach rose

People often ask me, ‘how do you keep going’?  To me it’s simple. I listen to my body. When I need more sleep, I sleep more, when I need space to think and recharge my batteries I go for a walk. If I need some support in working through a problem, I use the energy psychology techniques which I teach or seek the guidance of friends and trusted therapists.

No matter how good you are at juggling, if you have too many balls on the go, guaranteed you’re going to drop one or two every now and then. There’s no shame in dropping balls, having to start again or even take a complete holiday from juggling.

Take a moment and reflect on your day, your week, your month ahead and count just how many balls you are juggling.

Along with the physical ‘doing’ action of juggling you also have the emotional aspect and stresses and strains that go with keeping your eyes on all balls as well as anticipating new ones that might land at any moment.


What additional things you are you squeezing into an already busy day?

Which daily actions are you making that you are doing so resentfully?

How often are you saying yes to others and no to yourself?

What are you letting people get away with?  

When did you last set clear boundaries about what is okay or not okay for you?

How much do you respect your time, your well-being, physical and emotional health?

If you continue this way what are the negative aspects of doing so?

If you were to start saying no to others and yes to yourself what would that give you?

What would saying no allow more of?

Decide to take one small action every day to bring yourself into balance.  Notice the changes as you say no to others and yes to you!

Whether you choose to do nothing and stare out the window, listen to some music, read a book, walk in nature, luxuriate in a bubble bath, make time to spend with friends or seek the support of a skilled therapist .  Life doesn’t have to be a continual struggle.

woman-768702_1920 (2)

Imagine, what life will be like when you enjoy juggling knowing you can put the balls down when you want to.

Think about what it will be like to know, even if you stop, for just a moment, the sky won’t fall in!  Just like in the children’s fairy tale ‘Chicken Licken’.  Perhaps even now, right in this moment you might give yourself some time to read this story once more.

There are things I’m good at, one of them isn’t juggling, nor do I wish to improve on how many balls I can juggle at one time. I’m good at keeping my own life in balance and at helping you to do the same.

Imagine what it will be like to be able to set clearer boundaries, to communicate clearly your preferred way of working, being, living…

Think about what it will be like for you to be treated respectfully and with kindness…

What if you were so clear about what it is you don’t want and what you do want in your life that nothing stops you from achieving your dreams…

Whether it be help with reducing emotional overwhelm.  Working out your soul purpose.  Setting up or expanding an existing business.  Working through past issues or identifying what it is you want for your future.  I have a range of programmes and services to make juggling those balls a thing of the past.  I also offer VIP Days for those of you who are ready to say yes to you!

For specific love and relationship support go to http://www.wendyfry.com

Make time to smell the roses and say yes to you!