02 Jan

May The Force Be With You

Happy New Year to you all!  Has your year started with positive or negative force of thoughts and actions?

Obi-Wan Kenobi reminded Luke Skywalker in Star Wars ”Use The Force, Luke” and ”The Force will be with you always”.  Have you realised that The Force is made up of your thoughts?  Your thoughts create energy in your body, such as the energy of joy or anger.  The body will always respond with what you think.  You can’t think a positive and negative thought at the same time, so try this simple exercise below so that you are aware of your very own force.

For a moment go back in your mind and remember and connect with a time when you felt angry.  Take your attention to your body and locate where you feel the anger in your body as you remember the event. Be aware of  The Force, does it feel trapped and blocked in any way, is your energy flowing positively?

Then go back to a memory where you were joyful/happy and be aware of the energy of that memory in your body.  Be aware of The Force, does it feel as if it’s flowing, expanding, growing and positive?

Which force do you enjoy experiencing the most?  We can simply take our mind to a positive or negative thought (past or future)  to create The Force that we think and act from.

As an on-going exercise be aware of your own energy force and what thoughts create it.  If The Force is not as you want it to be/you do not like feeling this way remember as Obi-Wan Kenobi said ”Use The Force, The Force will be with you always”

May the light within each of you never dull.  Go forward and shine your light brightly and be the amazing person that you are