Meet & Work With Wendy

Wendy Fry, helps aspiring & published authors confidently write from their hearts offering a range of personalised coaching programmes, VIP Days & retreats.  Wendy’s aim in life is to help all her clients fully achieve their writing dreams while honouring their authentic voice and unique message.

Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters with her next book ‘Write from Your Heart’, due for release in 2020.  Wendy is ghostwriter, co-author and a key contributor to several publications. 

It’s my pleasure to connect with you. 

I am possibly no different from you.   Life hasn’t always dealt me the hand of cards I would have chosen.  I spent too much time thinking about why my goals and dreams weren’t magically coming true and not taking enough action.  That is until I dusted myself down, got out of my own way and realised no one could change my life except me.

A writers journey can be compared to a roller coaster ride and a vulnerable and lonely one when you have an inner battle about sharing your message and being seen as an author.  Self-doubt, criticism and perceived judgement can often be the order of the day along with writer’s block but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I reach out from my heart to yours to share what I’ve learnt in the past twenty years to fast track you into achieving the writing success you deserve.  

Offering you a full range of professional services to meet your writing aims.  The tools I share will aid you emotionally, personally and professionallyThe choices you make from now on will ultimately keep you stuck where you are or move you closer to fulfilling your writer and author goals.

You know can no longer stay stuck where you are.  Contact me here to explore how, together, when you invest in yourself, we can transform your past and take control of your future as a writer.

I’m here to guide, empower and support you as well as celebrate your success. 

Warmest wishes,            


With over twenty years of experience in the wellbeing industry offering the latest transformational writing and holistic interventions, Wendy has a successful business in the UK offering a range of writing and therapeutic support services, workshops and training courses for people just like you to achieve their personal and professional goals fearlessly. 

Wendy shares her own processes, tools, techniques, case studies and personal experiences within her books as well as offering writing, self-help and professional training courses, Skype or phone support sessions, VIP Days, workshops and writing retreats.  There is something for everyone who wants to develop personally or professionally.

Professional Qualifications:

Licenced Training Course Provider, Life and Performance Coach, Hypnotherapist, Practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP, Picture Tapping Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Future Life Progression, ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support) and Reiki 

Wendy’s coaching practice is based in Surrey, United Kingdom.  Service options are in person (Sutton, Surrey) by phone UK wide or via Skype Internationally. Options to meet in person at an alternative location can be discussed.  Contact here to express your needs and book your initial consultation. 


Wendy offers talks, workshops and training courses worldwide and can be contacted to present at your next event, retreat, conference, wellbeing or writers event. 

Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE featured in The Daily Express and Mothers and Daughters 

Co-author of Awaken Your True Potential and EFT for Everyone

Key Contributor to Experiences in the Field, NLP Excellence and Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life 

Due to the nature and confidentiality of ghost-writing additional publications are not listed here.  Ghost-writing services are provided by Wendy Fry and becomes the clients property once delivered.  Wendy Fry does not hold any ownership rights once your work is successfully self-published or accepted by a publishing house.