Define Your Ideal Reader Breakthrough Blueprint Consultation

What’s the best that can happen when you write and share YOUR book, gifts and talents with the world?

An author’s journey can be compared to a roller coaster ride.  A vulnerable and lonely one. When you have an inner battle about sharing your message and being seen as an author you may find yourself coming up with hundreds of reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t write.  Self-doubt, criticism and perceived judgement can often be the order of the day along with writer’s block, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I reach out from my heart to yours to share what I’ve learnt in the past twenty years to fast track you into transforming your limiting beliefs and personal blocks to writing and achieving the author success you deserve.

Are you struggling to write your first book?

Have you started your book only find yourself procrastinating and making excuses not to complete it?

Do you have an important message to share but unsure how to convey your words succinctly?

Need to find a way to improve your writing flow and learn how to craft your message?

Know if you don’t change your mindset and write your book NOW you never will?

We need to have words.  After all, that’s all writing is, ‘words.’

You owe it to yourself to write.   Who are you not to tell your story?

Join me.  Let’s find a way to share your message, your passion and your purpose. 

The 90-minute ‘Define Your Ideal Reader Blueprint’ investment is £199

Your ‘Define Your Ideal Reader Breakthrough Blueprint Coaching Session’ will give you the clarity to turn your book ideas into a step by step process. Your free blueprint and a personal 1 x 90-minute Skype consultation is included in your fee.  Additional writing consultations are available by request. 

The insightful questions asked on the Define Your Ideal Reader 50 Question Breakthrough Blueprint will guide you to write to your ideal reader, hone your message and share your craft. 

You will discover why you want to write and who you are writing for as well as the nuts and bolts to structure your book, blog, talk or workshop specifically for your audience when using the blueprint as a guide. 

Once you know your why the how’s take care of themselves

Write from your heart and join me on my next series of consultations opening up in 2020 and claim your Define Your FREE Ideal Reader Blueprint.

Contact directly to book your ninety-minute Skype appointment and let’s get you in the ‘Write Mindset.’  

Here’s what others are saying after a ninety minute coaching ‘DYIR’ session with me.  

‘’Wow… Amazing, Wendy.  I’m still resonating from our call.  Thank you very, very much for being so intuitive about my book.  I’m excited to be working with you.’’  Author name withheld (Ghostwriting Project) 

‘’Wendy is a true professional on every level and provides clients with everything required to make the most of the Define Your Ideal Reader session together.  Her dedication to the highest service she can offer means that she spends time beforehand assessing the pre-session material.  In turn, this means that the time spent together is highly focused.  Her intuition and encouragement pervade all she does, making her guidance not only razor-sharp but also inspiring!  This session really helped me to get clear on the many areas of writing my book and I can wholeheartedly recommend a DYIR session to anyone seriously considering finally writing that book that has been calling them!’’ Deborah Wiggins Hay

”Wendy is a fantastic sounding board and you will not find a more encouraging and enthusiastic person with the knowledge, know-how and experience to make your dream a reality.  Importantly I know I can rely on Wendy’s confidentiality too and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting assistance with writing whether that be a book, blog post or marketing material.  If you are considering working with Wendy, you will be in the very best set of hands.” Ann Bowditch, author of The Energy of Anxiety available on Amazon

“Highly recommend Wendy and her services.  Have referred many clients to her in the past, and continue to do so. ” Sasha Allenby, founder at Equality Hive 

The 90-minute ‘Define Your Ideal Reader Blueprint’ investment is £199

The coaching session includes  your free blueprint and a personal 1 x 90-minute Skype consultation dependent on completion of the Blueprint before your appointment time.  Additional writing consultations are available by request.  

Contact directly to book your ninety-minute Skype appointment and get in the ‘Write Mindset.’  In-person sessions are available in Sutton, Surrey UK and also by phone UK wide and Skype internationally. 

Wendy Fry, helps aspiring and published authors confidently write from their hearts offering a range of one-to-one coaching programmes, VIP Days and writing retreats.  Wendy’s aim in life is to help all her clients fully achieve their writing dreams while honouring their authentic voice and unique message.

Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters with her next book Write from Your Heart, due for release May 4th 2020.  Wendy is ghostwriter, co-author and a key contributor to several publications.