31 Mar

Mind & Body Connected As One

Your mind and body react in a continuous flow of information endlessly affecting and Influencing one and other. Every thought you think affects your body (physiology) and emotions. Likewise every physical action affects your thinking and your mood. Thoughts can create heighten stress, sadness, depression as well as intensify feelings of joy, happiness and love.

I wish to encourage you to be aware from this moment on how your mind body connection works. Being aware of this connection will help you to manage how your mind and body influence each other. Being aware of your thoughts for even just a few minutes each day is a start.

At the end of each day reflect on the day you have experienced and ask yourself:

  • What have I been focusing on (have my thoughts been in the past, present or future?)
  • How have I been talking to myself for the last hour or two?
  • Have I been talking to myself in a kindly way or a critical way?
  • What images have I been replaying in my mind?
  • Have I been thinking about the future negatively or positively?

Checking in with yourself as often as possible and monitoring your thoughts will serve you well. When you manage your thinking to that which is more positive or you allow your body to experience positive things such as exercise, relaxation and good health the mind body connection improves tenfold.

This information is from chapter 3 ‘EFT at Your Fingertips’ from my forthcoming book Find YOU Find LOVE – Get to the heart of love and relationships using EFT.  This section explains energy psychology and how thoughts act as energy vibrations