19 Oct

Rewriting the Past Using The Spotlight Process

Having worked therapeutically with many people over the years, I have seen how people were limiting themselves and their love and relationship goals because of their negative thinking.

They were either spending too much time thinking about the past, focusing entirely on current problems, or projecting catastrophic and disabling fears into the future.

I developed The Spotlight Process which is featured in my very first book, Find YOU, Find LOVE to help you acknowledge where you have been spending most of your thought time and will guide you to work out where your thoughts may be out of balance and how to change them.  By being aware of your thought time and how it may limit you, you are given an opportunity to rewrite that past.

Where have you been shining your spot light?

  • Are you stuck in the past thinking about all the things you regret not having done? Do you feel angry and bitter about your choices? Do you wish you have your life all over again wishing you knew back then what you know now?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your current problems, feeling like there’s no way out? Do you feel overwhelmed, bogged down, fed up and tired of life?
  • Are you constantly evaluating, judging and filtering for all the things that could go wrong for you in the future? Are you scared of taking risks and things going wrong? Do you find it hard to trust, to live, to love?

Rewriting the Past

The Spotlight Process  in full will be featured in my next workshop on Saturday 15th November 2014, you can book here http://goo.gl/aMlZQY 

Now is the perfect time to apply The Spotlight Process to your own life simply by examining your thoughts.

  • Wherever you are at this moment, I invite you to think about a spotlight and the light that shines from it. Whether you see it, sense it or imagine it, think about that spotlight right now. This ray of light could be a light in the form a torch, a lighthouse, a stage spotlight. Whatever spotlight comes to mind is perfect for you.
  • Think of this ray of light as a ray of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This light can shine back into your past, ahead to your future or into this very moment.
  • This is your spotlight. You are in control of shining the light. You are the director of where you narrow your beam and what you choose to illuminate and think about. Whatever you shine your light on, you will experience.
  • Using The Spotlight Process consider where you have been spending most of your thought time?
  • Examine your thoughts & feelings about past are they positive or negative in terms of love and relationships?
  • How you feel about your current relationship status in the present?
  • Consider what concerns and fears you have about the future of your relationships?

Using this process you will gain insights into what has been holding you back from finding you and finding love.

past figurepresent figurefuture figure

The Spotlight Process – Key Questions:

I suggest you copy these questions into a journal to carry them around with you until the questions become part of your natural thought process.

  1. Where is my thinking right now? (Past, Present or Future?)
  2. What proportion of my thinking is negative?
  3. How does it affect me when I focus on the negative?
  4. Where is the evidence that what I think will happen will happen?
  5. What do I want instead of thinking or feeling this way?
  6. Coming from my heart instead of my head what would love do here?

When you are clear about where you have been spending your thought time and how this may be limiting you, the path ahead is brighter and more achievable, using this process will support you into brining your thoughts into balance and what you need to do to change them.

It’s time to rewrite the past and decide from now on that you will use the past to your best advantage, to learn from it and grow into being the lovable person that you are.

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From my heart to yours with love x