06 Dec

Shaping Your Future with Love

Following on from last weeks blog Get out of your head and into your heart, this week we explore…

Shaping Your Future with Love


I encourage you to reflect on the following points, to make your future the best it can be.

Ask yourself-

• What do I need to stop thinking about that holds me back from achieving my personal and business goals?

• What do I need to start doing to be more connected with my heart?

• What do I need to do differently to improve my mindset?

• What can I commit to right now that will move me forwards in the direction of my dreams?

Be aware of the thoughts, actions and behaviours which will take you closer to your dreams and then go get ’em!

Communicating the Hearts Needs

Beauty Sexy Lips with Heart Shape paint. Love Concept. Kiss

The first step to understanding if you react and respond to life from your head or heart will be to monitor your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours.

Thoughts create an energetic response in your body.

Noticing what you say to yourself and how his affects you physically as well as emotionally will offer insights into how powerful your thought process is.

Becoming an observer of your thoughts without attaching to them offers you an opportunity to move from head based thinking to heart based feeling.

This is not about criticising yourself for thinking from your head or to berate yourself.  The exercises in this section are designed for you to be very gentle and loving with yourself until you are able to master the art of heart based feeling.

Spend time noticing the content of the chatter in your mind and remind yourself ‘’I am not my thoughts’’.

Not judging yourself as having a thought being right or wrong, simply notice the content of the thought, acknowledging it in the same way you might notice clouds passing across a blue sky.

Catching your thinking and noticing how you are responding and reacting, without labelling yourself as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Over time, you will be able to reassure yourself that you are in fact just having thoughts.

Your thoughts are not always fact they are often imaginings of the mind.

Spending time thinking about your thoughts may not be something we normally do, though it will help to always ask yourself as you go about your day reacting and responding to people and events ‘Am I in my head or my heart?’

Recognising the early warning signs that you’re reacting from your head

woman-254168_1280 (2)

Your body is always your best advisor, it responds to your internal dialogue of thoughts and words created in the head.

Listen to your body and you will learn so much about yourself and how you react to different things.

By listening to your body, you will start to notice more and more how your body reacts energetically to internal thoughts and to external events, people and situations depending if you react and respond from head or heart.

You will either feel low negative energy or high energetic vibrations depending on what you are thinking about and reacting to.

Become aware of how your body reflects your thoughts and feelings and using that awareness to bring balance to your thinking which will, in turn, bring balance to your emotions and overall wellbeing when you can move from head to heart.

As you go throughout your day, notice the words you use inside your mind which brings you and your energy down.  These are often head based thoughts that you have attached a story or negative outcome to.

Here are some examples of head based thoughts that create low energy. 

When we tell yourself these things over and over you limit yourself and this creates a negative cycle and physical response that is far from motivating.

Heart based creating is very different feeling, it allows for a different kind of energy experience.


Head Based Thinking


Sleepy Tired
Apathetic Bored
Isolated Lonely
Inferior Depressed
Stupid Ashamed
Remorseful Guilty
Distant Hurt
Sarcastic Hostile
Frustrated Angry
Jealous Selfish
Irritated Hateful
Sceptical Critical
Bewildered Confused
Discouraged Rejected
Insignificant Helpless
Inadequate Submissive
Embarrassed Insecure
Overwhelmed Anxious

Heart Based Feeling


Relaxed Content
Responsive Intimate
Serene Loving
Secure Trusting
Thankful Nurturing
Confident Faithful
Valuable Appreciated
Worthwhile Respected
Successful Proud
Surprised Aware
Optimistic Hopeful
Playful Creative
Amused Cheerful
Stimulating Energetic
Fascinating Sensuous
Daring Excited


  • After reading through and getting a better understanding if you have been reacting from the head or heart which has been the most common way of responding for you up to now?
  • Which way of reacting to life do you prefer?
  • What difference do you notice physically when you alternate between head and heart?

Our thoughts influence our energetic vibration and being aware of this now, I feel sure that you will be more self aware in the future of when your thoughts limit you in some way.

The good news is it’s possible to bring our thoughts into check and re address the balance between head and heart.

Everyone has highs and lows that they have to learn from, but every morning I start off with a good head on my shoulders, saying to myself ‘It’s going to be a good day’ – Lindsay Lohan

I hope you enjoy my weekly blog, on life, love and living.  Please share the love by sharing the blog post if you would like to, thank you.

From my heart to yours,

With Love,

x Wendy