01 Dec

Slave to Love

Are you a slave or master of love?

Some of you may remember Bryan Ferrry’s Slave to Love hit single for Roxy Music back in the 80’s.  I was definitely a slave to love back in the day though that has all changed for me, what about you?

Take a moment to reflect on your love relationships

To find out if you are a slave or master of love check out The Love and Relationship Inventory taken from my first book Find YOU, Find LOVE It’s is free for you to download  at  https://wendyfry.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Love-and-Relationship-Inventory1.pdf

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Get to the heart of love and relationships

The love and relationship inventory is designed to bring clarity to your love and relationship experiences and beliefs. As you read through the inventory, answer honestly if the statements resonate with you.   While completing this you will gain insights into whether you are indeed a slave or master of love.

Somewhere along the line you would have learnt beliefs and behaviours that meant you put love and self worth outside of yourself. There may have been times through your life experiences where you have felt unworthy, unloved and rejected, though if this has been your experience in the past, there is no evidence that history will repeat itself, except for your thinking making it so and making you a slave to love.

You may notice that you behave the same way in all relationships and that you l seek approval, acceptance and love from outside of yourself across a wide variety of relationship experiences.  You may find yourself drifting form one relationship to another without a gap, you may have affairs or seek out attention and validation through a range of outlets that make you feel loved, you may feel it too daunting to be single or alone, all these things may contribute to you being a slave to love.

Use the statements on the inventory as a guiding light to get clear on what you need to change about your perceptions and beliefs and how you view love and relationships. It’s never too late to improve the relationship you have with yourself and this in turn will lead you o becoming a master of love instead of a slave.

Slave to love

To check out if you are a master to love go to https://wendyfry.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Self-Love-Inventory-Heart-Based-Practical-Exercise1.pdf to see how well you’re doing in this department.

Emotions are a record of the past in their own right and there to help us, not to harm us, it just depends on how we view the emotion as to whether we use it to limit us or help us to grow from the experience of feeling this emotion.

It’s natural when you explore love and relationships that all sorts of thoughts, feelings and emotions could raise to the surface, some good and some not so good. If you feel you need some help and support to work through your love and relationship problems I offer a choice of  1-2-1 support services or workshops https://wendyfry.com/services/ It will be my pleasure to support you to become a master of love.

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