12 Mar

So Many Ways to Experience Love

How do you experience love?

There are so many ways to experience love.  One way of experiencing love is to be In the moment.  In love with loving where you’re at.  Enjoying the feeling of joy and love flow through you with ease.  Experiencing love as an essence – as a feeling not a thing.  Love at the very heart of your being and not dependent on a person or an outcome.

Not all love is extrinsic (we put love outside of ourselves as if it’s a thing that can fill up a void, a whole, a need) Indeed love is intrinsic, we have inside of ourselves everything we could ever need and more.

How do you yourself experience love?

Self Love?

Love of another (giving or receiving)?

Love of family?

Love of a pet?

Love of your work/vocation?

Love of nature/gardening?

Love of knowledge?

Love of music?

Love of people?

Love of a faith/religion?

Love of a hobby?

Love of exercise?

Love of reading or writing?

Love of stillness/meditation?

Self Love is the greatest love of all.  Without self love we cannot love another or experience receiving love.  By loving and caring for ourselves we show others that it’s ok for them to love and care for themselves too.

What if the only resolution you ever made was to love yourself more (Cheryl Richardson)

What could you to today to be more loving towards yourself?