Spotlight Process

The Spotlight Process is a unique technique Wendy has developed to support you to tap into your innate creativity and confidence as an author

Whether you’re an aspiring or published author or someone yet to get started on your writer’s journey here’s just a few of the ways The Spotlight Process can help you

  • Create an energised action plan
  • Define your avatar and audience
  • Find your authentic voice and tone as an author
  • Create daily inspired motivational writing habits
  • Overcome writer’s block, fear and procrastination
  • Structure your book and effectively manage writing time
  • Deal with limiting emotions which get in the way of writing
  • Think, speak and act like a confident writer, author and speaker
  • Fall in love with the joy of being in writers flow and fearlessly write from your heart 

Wendy is dedicated to supporting you achieve your personal and professional writing goals.  Offering a choice of personalised support programmes, bespoke coaching and mentoring packages, VIP Days and writing retreats to suit your individual needs working with you and for you, in partnership.  Sharing a range of inspiring tried and tested processes and techniques to empower you to attract the success you deserve. 

This feedback is received with permission to share from clients who used The Spotlight Process as part of their bespoke Writers Support Programme, VIP Day or Writing Retreat.  The benefits of investing in yourself and working with Wendy are huge.  

''With this system you can’t fail it’s so simple and effective'' - Claire 

''My whole life has turned around.  I now LOVE writing'' - Lisa 

''I’m so pleased with the results and find it easy to open my heart and write'' - Dee 

''Oh boy, why did I leave it so long to see this lady.  Working with her on a writing retreat  I now have my chapter contents sorted and a plan for action moving forwards with my book. The best part of all of what I learnt is to fall in love with writing and enjoy it!.  I feel ten years younger and getting up early every day full of passion and enthusiasm to write'' - WILLIAM

''The VIP weekend has helped me deal with things better.  I now know what's been holding me back from being seen as an author.  What I gained from working with Wendy was a deep inner shift and a huge dose of release from my past.  I'm ready now to shine as an author and self publish my book.  I'm totally buzzed up and happily shouting from the rooftops,''I am an author.'' - Roz