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365 Days of Journaling Topics Includes

Imaginative ideas will teach you how to put pen to paper to grow into the habit of writing daily maximising your health, your relationships, your career and your wellbeing.  Delightful prompts encourage you to look forward to the journaling process and help you recognise the positive impact heart-centred expression brings.

  • Writing invitations to aid personal transformation and healing
  • Topic ideas to keep you engaged on your author journey
  • Exercises to tap into the source of your innate creativity
  • Action steps to set your creative self-free


Here are just a few of the general benefits to journaling & writing by hand

  • Translates your emotional experiences onto paper
  • Catalogues unspoken words bringing them into the physical world
  • Used as an outlet to record thoughts, feelings, and emotions as and when they occur or as a self-reflection tool
  • Connects you to discovering joy and gratitude in the present moment
  • Supports you in writing about your life, hopes and dreams
  • Honours your experience and authentic voice
  • Journaling enables you to express how you think and feel without judgement or opinion
  • Used as a tool to compare and measure progress over time
  • External means of support and constant companion

Write from Your Heart includes effective techniques and strategies used by the Amazon bestselling author to help the hundreds of people like you write content for their first book or at least complete the one they started.