30 Dec

What’s Your Word for 2015?

Want a simple and effective way to make 2015 awesome?  Here’s how…

Choose a word that evokes in you a wonderful feeling, a word that when you think of it makes you feel I glad all over, a word that when you visualise the results of achieving it you feel alive!   Choose a word that when you hear it or read it inspires you and makes your heart sing.  Select a word that really gets your taste buds tingling and your nose sniffing out for more of your word.

Use all of your senses to really connect with your word, what will it look like, feel, like, sound like to have more of your word in your life?  Ramp up those thoughts and feelings and embody your word deep inside of yourself, let your word live in you and through you, through thought, action and deed.

My word for 2015 is LOVE, yes love! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and more lovely LOVE!

love stone close up

There is so much to love.  I love my family, my friends, my work, I love life and living, I love being connected with people I have never even met, I love giving love as well as receiving love.

So think about your  buzz word. What do you want more of in 2015?

Choose a word that makes you feel good, a word that you want more of, a word that you are committed to giving as well as receiving, a word that makes you smile, a word that sets your heart on fire!

Now go and find yourself an awesome looking pebble or piece of driftwood, something beautiful from nature  to write your word on, your word will replace to mother earth that which is taken in a very positive way, it can be put back into the earth at the end of 2015 with thanks and gratitude. As an alternative perhaps you might like to create something from Paper Mache or make a card, use embroidery to stitch your word, bake a cake with the word on it, make some music that relates to your word use your creativity to find a way that best expresses you and your word.

Love in grass

My lovely LOVE pebble will now sit next to my computer so that all communications I send, I send with love.  The pebble will be in my work space so all that enter my office to work with me will also feel the energy of love ripple out.

Love will be my focus for 2015.  I will see LOVE every day, I will feel LOVE every day, I will hear LOVE every day, I will BE love.

So what’s  YOUR word for 2015? 

Feel free to share your word and this blog to inspire others to choose a word for 2015.

Words are magical and so are you, create for yourself a beautiful future with YOUR word.

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29 Dec

End of Year Reflections Leading to a New Year and New Life


End of Year Reflections Leading to a New Year and New Life.

Please use this exercise to reflect back on 2014 and the lessons that you learnt about yourself, other people and the world around you.

welcome 2015

There may have been some painful parts to 2014, though with learning often the unpleasant situations are our greatest gifts and create positive change and new beginnings in our lives.

You might like to copy out the questions in a journal and work through them one by one.

• Reflecting back on 2014, what happened month by month?

• What did you really love about 2014?

• What were the high points of the year?

• What were your magic and special moments?

• What made you smile?

• What made you cry?

• What happened in 2014 that you would rather not go through in 2015?

• What experiences have you been through that you did not enjoy in 2014?

• What did you learn from those experiences?

• What do you need to change?

• What do you need to start doing, stop doing or do differently?

(This can be related to how you spend your time, who you spend time with, your health, and your income, your sense of self, your relationships and any other aspect of your life)

• What important lessons did you learn in 2014 about:

* Yourself?
* People in general?
* Your body?
* Your work/business?
* Your family?
* Your relationships?
* Your sense of fulfilment and accomplishment?

• What do you want in 2015? (Answer in the positive tense-no don’t wants’ allowed!)

• What are you committed to achieving?

• What is the most important skill that you want to either further develop or master within yourself?

• What changes and actions are you committed to changing in your life?

• What do you need to do in 2015 to move on from 2014 (even though 2014 may have been amazing, what do you need to leave behind in order to move on?)

• If 2014 was a tough year for you, how can you use your learning to your best advantage to make 2015 your best year yet?

• What are you committed to?

• What can you achieve in the next 12 months with focused attention?

• Who were you when you started 2014 and who are you now?

• Who are you becoming?

• What else is possible for you?

girl making wish

I hope that you enjoy completing your end of year reflections.  After completion you may like to read back through it and take from it your goals and action steps to make 2015 your best year yet!

Write them down and make them happen!

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