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Author Confessions

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet are shaping your life.

How will you use your words to work for you?

Author Confessions
You can change your life through writing!

Author Confessions: Part One

From an early age, I hated writing.  As much as I tried, tongue sticking out in concentration, trying to remember the shape and the curve of each letter, I could not get it right.  My little fingers, gripping a stubby pencil and saying ‘bottoms’ when I missed out sections of the alphabet or confused the letters back to front it was infuriating.   Perhaps you have been there too? 

I dreaded having to recite the alphabet though I must admit, the ‘L, M, N, O, P’ section was the most fun.  Taking a deep breath in when I got to this part, puffing up my chest in a sing-song voice and waving my arms about as if I was conducting an orchestra, I always remembered the ‘lemon part’ as I called it!

Join me now, stand up, take a breath and in your best singing voice let’s have a rendition of ‘’L, M, N, O, P’’ and have a little shimmy with it if you must.

Grumpy, tearful, and afraid of ‘THE ALPHABET’ which seemed as bad as saying a rude word and not knowing what it meant, I KNEW IT WAS BAD!  I sat cross-legged, on the chocolate coloured carpet in the house I grew up in, 13 Milton Road, Wimbledon SW19 in despair. My chubby legs were full of pins and needles from lack of movement, surrounded by balls of scrunched up paper.  Eyes streaming with tears and crying hysterically as my mother’s angry face looked fit to burst because I could not learn the alphabet as quickly as she wanted me to. 

The memory of her shouting and pointedly waving her index finger, ‘’you’ll learn this bloody alphabet if it kills me,’’ in the confused mind of a four-year-old didn’t I want to get it right in case it killed my mother. 

Subconsciously I was blocking myself from writing.  I know the therapists amongst you will be nodding with understanding right now. 

How will your future change when you write the story of your past and leave it there? – Wendy Fry

Wendy Fry Author Ghostwriter Writing Coach
You are not what happened to you. Use your experience shape who you become!

Author’s Style & Tone

Your beliefs about writing and the power of your words ultimately shape your life.   

If you think it is hard to write or become an author, it will be. 

What do you remember about learning to read and write? 

Was it a joyful experience learning the alphabet or one which may have blocked you from achieving success as a writer up to now?

Write your account and detail what you remember about your learning experiences in a journal.

Where are you now in relation to starting or completing your first book and is the ending of the story you are telling compelling?

What stories have you been telling yourself about what could go wrong?  Are they true?  Where is the evidence expert in you thinking?

What’s your reason to write and how will using your words to your best advantage serve you?

Chapter and verse, self-help book, memoir, fiction novel, children’s book, a blog post, website content, even your text messages and emails all started with intention and a passion for writing. 

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet are shaping your life. 

How will you use your words to work for you?

We are all authors. Write your story into being.   

Author Bio

Wendy Fry – Writing Coach, Ghostwriter and Therapist with over twenty years in the writing and wellbeing industry will empower you to set and achieve your personal and writing goals. Offering transformational, simple, and practical strategies, you will discover your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you deserve.  www.wendyfry.com  Helping you write from your heart.

Bestselling Author of Write from Your Heart, Mothers & Daughters & Find YOU, Find LOVE.

Wendy Fry Author Ghostwriter Writing Coach
Working with you and for you sharing your message, your passion and your purpose. When you write from your heart, your words will not fail you!