26 Dec

You’ve got to have Faith

Different things inspire me and today in light of the sad news of George Michael passing away it made me think back to my favourite song of George’s, ‘Faith’

I see George as a man who followed his inspirations, his passion and his heart and it got me thinking and wondering about how many of us have faith in ourselves, what we do and what we strive for.

George in a round about way taught me about expressing emotions, singing, dancing and being a warm and loving presence. He was a man who could draw a crowd in a good way. Respected, admired and for many cherished.

Today I am going to ponder on the things I want for my future and the legacy I wish to leave behind.  I invite you to do the same by asking yourself the following questions:

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do that you’re not currently doing?

What is your mission statement when you think about keeping unfailing faith in your abilities to achieve what you want?

What gifts (skills, attributes, words of affirmation etc) can you share with others to help them on their own personal journey’s?

When it comes to the end of your life, how do you want people to remember you?

What is the greatest legacy you can leave behind?  (please be aware a legacy is not always a monetary gain or property)  

Thank you George for inspiring me today in writing this blog post and for being the difference who made a difference.


”Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark” – Tagore

10 Oct

The Power of Perseverance

Ever known what it’s like to struggle but worked your way through a problem anyway? Found yourself despairing as to how you can make something happen and found a way? Overcome limitations despite limiting beliefs to begin with?

I do believe if we are all honest none of us have lived a life which has been smooth running and this is where we develop the perseverance muscle.  The more we use it the stronger we get!


There are all kinds of sayings related to perseverance.  Frank Sinatra is a great example of this  for him he sums it up as, ”I did it my way”, Julie Andrews states ”Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th” and Victor Hugo advises us ”Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”.  I’d say they are all right.

It is in fact my own struggle which inspired my blog post today.  I’m having technical difficulties which I don’t understand, I’d set time aside in a peaceful location to write and record some meditations and there are roadworks outside.  I’ve spent money on new equipment which I don’t know how to work and don’t understand the technical aspects of what i’m being told but hey…..

Instead of endless fretting (because it’s all too easy to get into this mindset) what I was going to do today i’ve parked for now until I can get the help and support I need from software developers.  Instead of having an inner rant about not being able to do what i’d planned, what I can’t do and what’s frustrated me, I’ve taken a walk in the sunshine, had a delicious breakfast of coffee and croissants (yes two croissants, I know!) I’ve updated my website.  I looked up how to spell perseverance as I wasn’t one hundred percent sure sure if is was a c or an s which came first.  I’ve crossed off some other tasks on my to do list and I now have the whole day to myself to do whatever I please.

So going back to the power of perseverance.  I may not achieve today what I hoped to but I know  whether it’s  tomorrow, next week or next month I will still reach my deadlines as I have faith that I will find a way around my current problems.  Instead of holding on to rising feeling of frustration…i’ve simply decided to let it go.

What feelings, limiting beliefs or doubts are you holding onto which would benefit you in letting go of too…just for a moment, if not forever.

We can’t control outside circumstances but we can control how we react and respond to them.

So today I am grateful for the sunshine, ears that can hear roadworks, roads we can walk and drive on.  I’m grateful for what I can do on my PC and also to the courier who will be bringing out a new piece of equipment I hope to understand.  I am grateful for my hands which allow me to type and connecting with you through this blog.  Most of all i’m grateful to the power of perseverance.  I may not be there yet but i’m closer than I was yesterday.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what will you begin today knowing you will find a way to make it happen?





07 Mar

Putting the L back into LOVE

Spring is a season of new beginnings, new growth and change. 

I wonder how many times you may have approached spring with a sense of excitement about the future or perhaps with a feeling of disdain that it’s another season of possibility and you are still where you were at a year ago and feeling like life is passing you by.

Change begins within first and foremost.  Unless you change then things will stay the same.

  • What do you need to change to put the L back into LOVE?
  • Does your current relationship need a spring clean?
  • Would you like to meet a new partner and soul mate?
  • If so what are you doing about it?

We get into bad habits, waiting for love to drop from the sky like a lightning bolt or expecting prince charming to bounding in on his horse down our local high street but I think that you and I know the odds of this are pretty unlikely.  As much as we would like change to happen for us, sometimes we need to get off our laurels and make that change.

The same way many birds may start building and feathering their nests this season we need to do the same.  Perhaps your nest needs an overhaul, a slight adapt ion, a different tree with a different view.  Do you even have a nest?

My writings might seem harsh though I’ve learnt the hard way that sitting back waiting for love to gallop up on a white charger is worse than washing paint dry or counting sheep.

Instead of waiting for love to come to you as if by a miracle, take action in finding love.

I for one did not wait for love to find me; I took action and let friends know that I was single and looking to meet a long term life partner.  I attended different events in different areas.  I joined several dating sites and became clearer on the type of person I was hoping to meet.  It was a learning curve with some funny stories along the way and every no was one step closer to a yes.

  • Is what you are currently doing getting the results you want in the love and relationship arena?
  • Have things gone stale in an existing relationship?
  • What do you want for the future?
  • How are you communicating your needs?
  • What actions are you taking to get you closer to your dreams?

When it comes to love don't be chicken blog post

 Here are my top tips for paving the way to love:

Repeat after me:

  • I take full responsibility for what I want in life and I am prepared to take action to get it
  • I act as if success is already mine
  • I make the right choices for me and I remember that I can keep changing my choices as and when I wish
  • I trust my intuition and let it be my guide
  • I am willing to take action and risks to achieve what I want
  • I have a positive attitude about myself and life in general
  • I take the initiative and use my assertiveness to make sure I achieve my goals
  • I act from a place of truth and integrity
  • I say yes to me
  • I commit to taking action to transform my love relationships

When you take responsibility and the necessary action towards achieving your dreams you will be surprised how every day can seem like spring.  New opportunities fall into your lap, hope rears its head from hibernation and the missing L in love is firmly back in place and exactly where it needs to be.

Shine your light on the things you want, focus on the things that lift you up, the things that bring you joy.  Focus on what you love.  You have ultimate control over your thoughts, guide them gently and get really clear about where you are heading, adjust your sails and let the light of your own faith in yourself never waiver, remember that you have everything inside you to weather any storm.

Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step – Martin Luther King Jr

Many of our relationships go wrong because we are living in the past, or have negative thoughts about the future of our relationships and we many never take the risk to love again. It’s relatively easy to work through this with the help of a skilled practitioner and if needed you can contact me if you would like some additional support info@wendyfry.com www.wendyfry.com