16 Feb

Giving the Gift of Love

So how was your Valentine’s Day?

I often wonder why just one day out of 365 if set aside for love when we have 365 of them.

So here’s the secret I will share with you….drum roll please……


Love is a funny thing or sometimes not at all, especially if you feel that you are lacking in love. The truth is there are so many ways to enjoy the experience of not only receiving love but giving love.  In fact when you give love it actually makes you feel more loving.

On Valentine’s Day I decided to spend my day connecting with others through sharing the gift of love and gave away many copies of my book Find YOU, Find LOVE.   It felt joyous to be able to give the gift of love to those that felt they needed it.

  • What ways can you find to connect with others through love? 
  • How can you show your love through thought, word, action or deed?
  • What changes for you when you give your love freely without expectation and simply just enjoy giving the gift of love?  


If you want more love in your life my tip is to give it freely first.  To give from the heart.

When we are able to give we are able to receive.  If we are closed to giving love, we also close ourselves to receiving love.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and it’s up to you to make it a good one...

Perhaps I will never get to meet the people that received my book though to know that a positive ripple of love was created simply by giving, the love I gave yesterday, i still feel today knowing that it made a difference to others.

What can you give from your heart with love today that will not only benefit others but yourself too simply by giving? 

If you missed out on the opportunity to receive my book Find You, Find LOVE on Valentine’s Day, please hop on over to www.wendyfry.com where you can download for free Chapter 3 ‘Love and Relationship Beliefs’, two free audio doownloads ‘Standing in the Spotlight of Love’ and ’21 Steps to LOVE’ there are heaps of free resources such as ‘The Self love Inventory’ and The Love and Relationship Inventory’ for you to dowwnload on the book/resources page.

Feel free to follow me on the Find YOU, Find LOVE Facebook page where you get to see the daily love posts called 365 Days to LOVE https://www.facebook.com/findyoufindlove?ref=hl 

From my heart to yours with love

x Wendy

www.wendyfry.com helping you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems

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30 Dec

21 Steps to Love Free Audio Recording

21 steps to love free audio recording http://youtu.be/Rt8kx_jayzM

I’d like to take you now through a journey of time and space, you set the time frame and I will lead the way. You could take yourself forward in time to one year from this date, three years, five  years, ten years whatever time frame jumps out for you.  You may like to experiment with different time frames and use the audio several times to reveal different sources of information.

The audio along with other free resources are available on www.wendyfry.com go to the section that says book/resources and find all your lovely freebies there.

For a personalised Future Life progression session I am also available to work with you privately for bespoke guided love and relationship sessions in person or over Skype check out for details about FLP (Future Life Progression) and the various ways it can be used here www.bepositive.me.uk

Guiding you to listen to your inner self to find the answers to all of the questions you will ever need

The Exercise that you will be guided through:

Find a quiet place to relax, sit back and take three nice deep and easy breaths.

Imagine that you are in your favourite place the place where you truly feel relaxed.

You are enjoying the experience of being comfortable, content and deeply relaxed…

Be aware of your breathing becoming slower and more and more relaxed.

Think about seeing, sensing or imagining that you are travelling forwards in time; you choose the mode of transport and simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

You are willing to go forward to a new time and space in the future and by doing so; your mind will expand and be open to receiving information through your senses, alerting you to all that is possible.

You may also become aware of some changes that you need to make in the here and now, to get you to where you want to be in the future.

Allow your mind to take you where it will.

  • Imagine that you have moved beyond your current circumstances forward to your designated time frame (one, three, five or ten years ahead)
  • Experience that just for a moment or two
  • What have you moved away from?
  • What have you moved towards?
  • What have you let go off?
  • What did you stop doing?
  • What did you start doing?
  • What are you doing differently now?
  • How do you experience your life and love relationships in the future compared to the ones that you are living now?
  • What changes have you made between then and now in your life and love relationships that have been positive and beneficial to you?
  • Notice your thoughts, how have they changed, what did you have to do to think differently about love and relationships?
  • Notice your feelings now that you have moved on from the past.
  • What do you hear going on around you or inside your own head? (This could be your own voice or the voice of others)
  • Be aware of any smells or tastes associated with this time frame
  • What advice does the ‘future you’ have to share with you?
  • Ask the future you the top three burning questions that you would like information about and find a way of receiving that information for your highest good
  • If you took that advice right now and applied it to your life, how would that benefit you?
  • If you didn’t take that advice what difficulties might remain and how would that limit you?
  • Is there anything else that you wish to find out about your future, you may be interested in other life areas outside of love and relationships and the same process can be applied?
  • If you have other questions to ask your future self, ask them now, the answers may come through pictures, words or feelings.
  • Tune in to the future you carefully, be patient and wait for your answer to come in any way that seems right for you.
  • Phrase your questions clearly and in a positive way.
  • You may also wish to form questions beginning with who, when, where, why or what before you question your future self
  • If this exercise seems a little difficult for you in any way, just pretend that you are able to work through it. Pretend that you are thinking about, seeing, sensing or imagining yourself in the future and it will come.
  • What the mind believes it can achieve and ‘acting as if’ will expand your thinking, your horizons and your measure of love
  • Thank your future self for the guidance, knowledge, love and wisdom they share with you, knowing that you can re-connect with them again at any time you wish to
  • Bring back with you to your current awareness in this current time and space, the insights and information you have learned from your future self.
  • If there were things that were less than you hoped for, ask yourself ‘How can I change this for myself?
  • What actions do I need to take in order to change this?
  • What do I need to stop doing, do differently, or start doing?’

Sometimes, it’s about taking action towards what we want in order to bring the changes to us more quickly and effectively.  Any information you receive will be for your highest good and will be a guiding light in shaping your future as that all singing, all dancing extravaganza and making your future the best it can be.

Limits exist only in the mind…are you ready to step ever forwards into your future?

This exercise has been adapted with kind permission of Anne Jirsch with excerpts from her Future Life Progression TrainingsAnne is author of The Future Is Yours