02 Nov

Make time to smell the roses…

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, luxuriated in a bubble bath, read a whole book in a day, took time out with friends or simply closed the door on everything and made some you time?

peach rose

People often ask me, ‘how do you keep going’?  To me it’s simple. I listen to my body. When I need more sleep, I sleep more, when I need space to think and recharge my batteries I go for a walk. If I need some support in working through a problem, I use the energy psychology techniques which I teach or seek the guidance of friends and trusted therapists.

No matter how good you are at juggling, if you have too many balls on the go, guaranteed you’re going to drop one or two every now and then. There’s no shame in dropping balls, having to start again or even take a complete holiday from juggling.

Take a moment and reflect on your day, your week, your month ahead and count just how many balls you are juggling.

Along with the physical ‘doing’ action of juggling you also have the emotional aspect and stresses and strains that go with keeping your eyes on all balls as well as anticipating new ones that might land at any moment.


What additional things you are you squeezing into an already busy day?

Which daily actions are you making that you are doing so resentfully?

How often are you saying yes to others and no to yourself?

What are you letting people get away with?  

When did you last set clear boundaries about what is okay or not okay for you?

How much do you respect your time, your well-being, physical and emotional health?

If you continue this way what are the negative aspects of doing so?

If you were to start saying no to others and yes to yourself what would that give you?

What would saying no allow more of?

Decide to take one small action every day to bring yourself into balance.  Notice the changes as you say no to others and yes to you!

Whether you choose to do nothing and stare out the window, listen to some music, read a book, walk in nature, luxuriate in a bubble bath, make time to spend with friends or seek the support of a skilled therapist .  Life doesn’t have to be a continual struggle.

woman-768702_1920 (2)

Imagine, what life will be like when you enjoy juggling knowing you can put the balls down when you want to.

Think about what it will be like to know, even if you stop, for just a moment, the sky won’t fall in!  Just like in the children’s fairy tale ‘Chicken Licken’.  Perhaps even now, right in this moment you might give yourself some time to read this story once more.

There are things I’m good at, one of them isn’t juggling, nor do I wish to improve on how many balls I can juggle at one time. I’m good at keeping my own life in balance and at helping you to do the same.

Imagine what it will be like to be able to set clearer boundaries, to communicate clearly your preferred way of working, being, living…

Think about what it will be like for you to be treated respectfully and with kindness…

What if you were so clear about what it is you don’t want and what you do want in your life that nothing stops you from achieving your dreams…

Whether it be help with reducing emotional overwhelm.  Working out your soul purpose.  Setting up or expanding an existing business.  Working through past issues or identifying what it is you want for your future.  I have a range of programmes and services to make juggling those balls a thing of the past.  I also offer VIP Days for those of you who are ready to say yes to you!

For specific love and relationship support go to http://www.wendyfry.com

Make time to smell the roses and say yes to you!






11 Oct

Seeing is Believing!

What’s your personal vision for the future in positive terms?

How will you know when you’ve achieved it?

What will it look like, sound like, feel like?

personal vision 2 general support horizontal

I love using a ‘Personal Vision Exercise’ when I’m working with clients. When they are in their heads trying to analyse what it is they want and why and think things through rationally they are using conscious mind.

Left too long to our own devices, bogged down with the how’s we run the risk of staying stay stuck where we are and nothing changes.

It’s out creative subconscious mind which loves to make pictures, to see visions materialise, the artist of our dreams, the creator of our reality.   Unconscious mind is expansive  and limitless.

Imagine what you can create using your mind to it’s fullest potential…

You might like to try the personal vision exercise for yourself.

  • Take a whole bunch of magazines, holiday brochures, newspapers, guides, flyers and anything which has a picture on which makes you feel good and what you want as part of your future
  • Cut out key words or write your own in and also collect anything which represents your goal as already being achieved
  • Arrange your layout in a way that feels right for you
  • You can then glue into a journal, create a vision board or apply to the inside of a clip frame or make a poster of your personal vision and goal achievement
  • Making just five minutes a day to look at your personal vision, seeing really is believing.  What your mind conceives, it can believe and it will achieve!
  • Using this process you activate all senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and feelings.  Imagine turning up a dial of your senses and getting them off the scale to really experience the joy of achieving your goals at a cellular level

Seeing really is believing.  What you choose to focus on expands.  You will find what you focus on showing up in your life more and more.

So be sure to focus on the good stuff!

If it’s health, wealth, love, success, happiness or something else entirely, make this your personal vision for your future.  It will be time well spent!

Need a hand in getting started?  I’d be happy to work with you to achieve your goals.  Check out my services here

If you’d like specific support in the area of love and relationships check out the free resources and make contact when you’re ready to get to the heat of your love and relationship problems.

31 Dec

Standing in the Spotlight of Love your Free Audio Recording

Your free Audio Download – Standing in the spotlight of love http://youtu.be/MGPCGrXZqCQ

This recording is available on the resources section of my website www.wendyfry.com along with additional love and relationship downloads for your enjoyment.  This recording will not only support your love relationships it will also increase your confidence and sense of self empowerment and belief in your lovability.

 spotlight process NEW


Imagine right now that you are directing your spotlight to all that is possible for you, allowing the rays from that light to expand ever outward.

Really feel what it feels like to experience the warmth and glow of love, make that picture bright and sharp and clear.

Turn up the sounds, smell the heady scent of love, taste the sweetness of being open to giving and receiving love.

This light is YOUR LIGHT, the guiding light bringing you back home to you, the place where love resides.

It’s time to re-direct your focus to Find YOU and Find LOVE.  heart


It’s not until we improve the relationship that we have with ourselves and discover how to love ourselves that we are in a position to be open to receiving love.  

Now is the time to visualise your future exactly as you want it to be.   So much is possible for you and then some!


Seeing yourself through the eyes of love:


An additional heart based exercise that you may like to use to further increase the energy of love in your life is to practice daily the following reflective questions.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of love every day is a wonderful daily exercise to practice.

The statements below can be completed by either writing them out or speaking them aloud.  They will set you up for the day ahead and put you in a positive frame of mind, guiding your thoughts to those which are kind and loving.

  • When I look through the eyes of love, how do I choose to see myself physically today?
  • When I feel from the heart of love, how can I be more loving to myself today?
  • When I use my inner wisdom, what thoughts can I choose to think about myself that are more loving?
  • When I see the love and beauty all around me I start to notice…..
  • When I focus on all that is possible for me I…..
  • Today, I realise that when I choose love I…..
  • Today, tomorrow and the next day I commit to…..
  • Now and for always I…..
  • I believe that…..

I hope that you enjoy the audio and completing this heart based exercise.  There’s lots more useful and practical exercises like this in Find YOU, Find LOVE available on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1910202460

Get to the heart of love and relationships

Find YOU Find LOVE

What else is possible for you?

If you ever wondered whether there was a limit to how happy you can be, how loved and cherished you can feel, how complete you can become –  think again, there is no limit, none at all!

From my heart to your with love

Wendy x

If you would like to work with me go to www.wendyfry.com It will be my pleasure to connect with you.

30 Dec

21 Steps to Love Free Audio Recording

21 steps to love free audio recording http://youtu.be/Rt8kx_jayzM

I’d like to take you now through a journey of time and space, you set the time frame and I will lead the way. You could take yourself forward in time to one year from this date, three years, five  years, ten years whatever time frame jumps out for you.  You may like to experiment with different time frames and use the audio several times to reveal different sources of information.

The audio along with other free resources are available on www.wendyfry.com go to the section that says book/resources and find all your lovely freebies there.

For a personalised Future Life progression session I am also available to work with you privately for bespoke guided love and relationship sessions in person or over Skype check out for details about FLP (Future Life Progression) and the various ways it can be used here www.bepositive.me.uk

Guiding you to listen to your inner self to find the answers to all of the questions you will ever need

The Exercise that you will be guided through:

Find a quiet place to relax, sit back and take three nice deep and easy breaths.

Imagine that you are in your favourite place the place where you truly feel relaxed.

You are enjoying the experience of being comfortable, content and deeply relaxed…

Be aware of your breathing becoming slower and more and more relaxed.

Think about seeing, sensing or imagining that you are travelling forwards in time; you choose the mode of transport and simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

You are willing to go forward to a new time and space in the future and by doing so; your mind will expand and be open to receiving information through your senses, alerting you to all that is possible.

You may also become aware of some changes that you need to make in the here and now, to get you to where you want to be in the future.

Allow your mind to take you where it will.

  • Imagine that you have moved beyond your current circumstances forward to your designated time frame (one, three, five or ten years ahead)
  • Experience that just for a moment or two
  • What have you moved away from?
  • What have you moved towards?
  • What have you let go off?
  • What did you stop doing?
  • What did you start doing?
  • What are you doing differently now?
  • How do you experience your life and love relationships in the future compared to the ones that you are living now?
  • What changes have you made between then and now in your life and love relationships that have been positive and beneficial to you?
  • Notice your thoughts, how have they changed, what did you have to do to think differently about love and relationships?
  • Notice your feelings now that you have moved on from the past.
  • What do you hear going on around you or inside your own head? (This could be your own voice or the voice of others)
  • Be aware of any smells or tastes associated with this time frame
  • What advice does the ‘future you’ have to share with you?
  • Ask the future you the top three burning questions that you would like information about and find a way of receiving that information for your highest good
  • If you took that advice right now and applied it to your life, how would that benefit you?
  • If you didn’t take that advice what difficulties might remain and how would that limit you?
  • Is there anything else that you wish to find out about your future, you may be interested in other life areas outside of love and relationships and the same process can be applied?
  • If you have other questions to ask your future self, ask them now, the answers may come through pictures, words or feelings.
  • Tune in to the future you carefully, be patient and wait for your answer to come in any way that seems right for you.
  • Phrase your questions clearly and in a positive way.
  • You may also wish to form questions beginning with who, when, where, why or what before you question your future self
  • If this exercise seems a little difficult for you in any way, just pretend that you are able to work through it. Pretend that you are thinking about, seeing, sensing or imagining yourself in the future and it will come.
  • What the mind believes it can achieve and ‘acting as if’ will expand your thinking, your horizons and your measure of love
  • Thank your future self for the guidance, knowledge, love and wisdom they share with you, knowing that you can re-connect with them again at any time you wish to
  • Bring back with you to your current awareness in this current time and space, the insights and information you have learned from your future self.
  • If there were things that were less than you hoped for, ask yourself ‘How can I change this for myself?
  • What actions do I need to take in order to change this?
  • What do I need to stop doing, do differently, or start doing?’

Sometimes, it’s about taking action towards what we want in order to bring the changes to us more quickly and effectively.  Any information you receive will be for your highest good and will be a guiding light in shaping your future as that all singing, all dancing extravaganza and making your future the best it can be.

Limits exist only in the mind…are you ready to step ever forwards into your future?

This exercise has been adapted with kind permission of Anne Jirsch with excerpts from her Future Life Progression TrainingsAnne is author of The Future Is Yours


15 Dec

Back to the Future

Where does your mind go when you read this title?  No doubt you’ve seen the original movie Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox, maybe you’ll even watch it again now that it’s there in your mind.


  • If you could find a way of peeking into the future and knowing that everything was going to be ok, would you? 
  • If you had an opportunity to learn insights about the actions you need to take now to make your future what would that mean to you?
  • Are there things that you need more clarity over before you take the next step moving forwards?

From this moment on, I invite you to get into the mindset of planning ahead for a new and exciting journey to a brand new destination – your future!

If you knew you could not fail what would you:

  • Stop Doing?
  • Start Doing?
  • Do Differently?

Toady is the first day of the rest of your life and it’s up to you to make it a good one!

There is a process that you can use to reveal aspects of your future called Future Life Progression, FLP for short.

Just imagine how looking 5, 10 or more years into the future could benefit you…think about the valuable learning you could gain from the future looking back to now. What would you change with the wisdom gained from peeking ahead?

Future Life Progression is a unique and safe way to look ahead into your future for the purpose of finding out what next steps to take in your life now. It’s a positive experience that can only change your life for the better.

What would it be like to learn how to overcome the challenges you have right now? What if you knew that making a certain choice was the right choice? Is a certain job or relationship right for you? A certain house move the right move, is it the right time to make an investment?  So many questions can be answered this way.

Future life progression will give you all of these answers and moreThe future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you! 

If you could give yourself advice 10 years ago after all the challenges you have overcome in the past 5-10 years what would you say? FLP is no different to that.  

Go to http://www.bepositive.me.uk/id12.html if you want to find out more or make contact direct at info@bepositive.me.uk

I will guide you to get clear on what you want for your future and support you to getting down to the business of shaping and creating your reality, so that you step more fully into a positive expression of yourself, to be all that you are, true to you and authentic  to your heart’s desires.

It’s time to stop shining the light on the past, because that’s not where the future is

You are the pilot of your life

You are in the hot seat, it’s down to you now to set the destination and plan the time frame of your journey, you have everything you need to charter your course and enjoy the ride.

There is a short sample of FLP taken from my book Find YOU, Find LOVE called 21 Steps to LOVE which you can download from my love and relationship website www.wendyfry.com/book/resources it’s adapted with kind permission form Anne Jirsch who developed FLP.

There is so much potential and possibility ahead and with your commitment, intention and desire, I have faith in you that because you’re focused on what you want, you can be, do and have all that you have dreamt of and more.

If you’d like to experience Future Life Progression yourself and to work through your own personal questions about the future, I can work with you over Skype or in person from my office in Sutton, Surrey:

I’ve recently used FLP for the following questions posed by clients:

  • What line of work/career should I be in?
  • Will I cope if I have children/will my partner help out?
  • Will we get married?
  • Should I work on products or services?
  • What are the names of my products?
  • Will I meet anyone?
  • Should I take this business venture/opportunity?
  • Where will I be living?
  • Will my business be successful?
  • Will my financial situation improve?
  • Am I in the right relationship?
  • How can I improve my health?
  • What do I need to do to become happier?
  • What service provider should I use?
  • What book title will be a best seller?
  • What is the best venue for me to work from?

What are you waiting for when you have your whole life ahead of you? 

Your future is in your hands, make it a good one!