31 Jul

Trusting your Intuition

How often have you found yourself bypassing your intuition.  Only to regret later that you wish you’d listened?

Thinking back over the past, how might your life have turned out differently if you’d listened to that all important inner voice, feeling or knowing?

What have you learnt about not paying attention and going along with things in the hope that they will change – BUT, they don’t!

What is it that remains to be achieved for you?  

Perhaps a career goal, learning something new or indeed  that all having that all important relationship that’s right for you?

What if you were to start to listen and trust your intuition from now on?  

How will that serve you? 

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We can use our intuition on many levels and for many aspects of our lives. 

For example even though it isn’t ways nice to know my intuition has told me that people three different people I was very close to and a devoted pet were going to die.

These were all situations that were out of my control and I could not have changed the events, though I knowing how strong my intuition is, I now pay more attention to it.

In the past, I’ve also know intuitively when relationships haven’t been right for me but went into them blindly, thinking that things would get better.   Not any more!

Think about your own intuition now.  How does it present itself to you?

~ Do you get an inner knowing?

~ A feeling?

~ See something?

~ A thought or word come into your head?

~ A sensation?

We each experience our personal intuition differently. For me it’s very much a physical response, often my skin tingles, I feel heat or coolness, also I hear words alerting me to positive and negative experiences.

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I spoke to a friend recently who had a decision to make between two choices.  Totally torn between making a choice, even more so after asking hundreds of people ‘what do you think’ making a decision seemed even harder.

Trouble is when we put our decisions ‘out there’ for others to decide for us, those people would be telling you what they think based on their thinking/intuition or opinion.

So I took my lovely friend through a short process where they were able to listen to their own intuition. Simply by asking questions and waiting for the answer.

Our bodies are amazing and already have the answer.  Several times over my friend had definite clarity over what intuitively was the right decision.  They never thought of going within to find out what to do.

~ When it comes to love relationships, how has listening to your intuition served you well?

~ How has not listening impacted you?

~ What did you learn from either not listening or paying attention?

If you made a deal with yourself right now to pay attention to your intuition in what areas of your life do you want answers?

Set an intention and ask your intuition to provide you with the answers.

Be open to receiving intuition in a number of ways:  Knowing, sensing, seeing, hearing, feeling, symbols, dreams etc.

If you’d like to find out how to use your intuition and set your intentions in love relationships you might like to listen to these 2 free audio recordings  Standing in the Spotlight of LOVE and 21 Steps to LOVE

I’m also available for VIP Days Helping you to get to the heart of love.


Here’s to you and you your amazing intuition! 

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15 Dec

Back to the Future

Where does your mind go when you read this title?  No doubt you’ve seen the original movie Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox, maybe you’ll even watch it again now that it’s there in your mind.


  • If you could find a way of peeking into the future and knowing that everything was going to be ok, would you? 
  • If you had an opportunity to learn insights about the actions you need to take now to make your future what would that mean to you?
  • Are there things that you need more clarity over before you take the next step moving forwards?

From this moment on, I invite you to get into the mindset of planning ahead for a new and exciting journey to a brand new destination – your future!

If you knew you could not fail what would you:

  • Stop Doing?
  • Start Doing?
  • Do Differently?

Toady is the first day of the rest of your life and it’s up to you to make it a good one!

There is a process that you can use to reveal aspects of your future called Future Life Progression, FLP for short.

Just imagine how looking 5, 10 or more years into the future could benefit you…think about the valuable learning you could gain from the future looking back to now. What would you change with the wisdom gained from peeking ahead?

Future Life Progression is a unique and safe way to look ahead into your future for the purpose of finding out what next steps to take in your life now. It’s a positive experience that can only change your life for the better.

What would it be like to learn how to overcome the challenges you have right now? What if you knew that making a certain choice was the right choice? Is a certain job or relationship right for you? A certain house move the right move, is it the right time to make an investment?  So many questions can be answered this way.

Future life progression will give you all of these answers and moreThe future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you! 

If you could give yourself advice 10 years ago after all the challenges you have overcome in the past 5-10 years what would you say? FLP is no different to that.  

Go to http://www.bepositive.me.uk/id12.html if you want to find out more or make contact direct at info@bepositive.me.uk

I will guide you to get clear on what you want for your future and support you to getting down to the business of shaping and creating your reality, so that you step more fully into a positive expression of yourself, to be all that you are, true to you and authentic  to your heart’s desires.

It’s time to stop shining the light on the past, because that’s not where the future is

You are the pilot of your life

You are in the hot seat, it’s down to you now to set the destination and plan the time frame of your journey, you have everything you need to charter your course and enjoy the ride.

There is a short sample of FLP taken from my book Find YOU, Find LOVE called 21 Steps to LOVE which you can download from my love and relationship website www.wendyfry.com/book/resources it’s adapted with kind permission form Anne Jirsch who developed FLP.

There is so much potential and possibility ahead and with your commitment, intention and desire, I have faith in you that because you’re focused on what you want, you can be, do and have all that you have dreamt of and more.

If you’d like to experience Future Life Progression yourself and to work through your own personal questions about the future, I can work with you over Skype or in person from my office in Sutton, Surrey:

I’ve recently used FLP for the following questions posed by clients:

  • What line of work/career should I be in?
  • Will I cope if I have children/will my partner help out?
  • Will we get married?
  • Should I work on products or services?
  • What are the names of my products?
  • Will I meet anyone?
  • Should I take this business venture/opportunity?
  • Where will I be living?
  • Will my business be successful?
  • Will my financial situation improve?
  • Am I in the right relationship?
  • How can I improve my health?
  • What do I need to do to become happier?
  • What service provider should I use?
  • What book title will be a best seller?
  • What is the best venue for me to work from?

What are you waiting for when you have your whole life ahead of you? 

Your future is in your hands, make it a good one!