03 Jan

Happiness is…

My ideal day

‘My Ideal Day’ is a creative heart based exercise that can be used to get you thinking in a more positive and optimistic way, moving you beyond any limited thinking, to a place where all things are possible, encouraging you to live your life with passion and purpose.  When you focus on what you want as if it is already yours, it is likely to show up much sooner than you think.

Girl raising arms the the day

On a brand new sheet of paper or in a journal, write a story about a day in your life.  This will be no ordinary day, it will be the story of your ideal day and how it will be if you have everything you want – think specifically here about love and relationships and include that in the main content of your writing.

  • How will you be thinking differently?
  • What will your day look like?
  • What will be happening?
  • How will you be feeling?
  • What will you hear going on around you?
  • How will you be spending your time?


Write this story from the truth of who you are (not someone you feel you ‘have’ to be), write it from your heart space where you are open to giving and receiving love.

Take time to go over your story, making sure it’s complete and then read your story every day for a week.

By focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want and getting into the energy space of having what you dream of, your dreams are more likely to become a reality.  It is also very uplifting to be thinking from the place of what is possible and that everything you have included in your ideal day is achievable.

You will be writing this in the present tense, as if what you want has already come to pass and you are enjoying your life and love relationships.

Happiness is girl

I have included a few ideas here to get you in the groove of acting ‘as if’.  You can follow these pointers adding in your own positive endings in your journal or writing your ideal day from scratch in story form.

Raising your love vibration

Use the following statements in the written exercise or you might like to tell the story orally out loud, you might like to paint a picture of your ideal day, create some music that expresses it, sing a song about it etc.  The more you tell the story of your positive ideal day the more likely you will attract that to yourself.  get into the energy space of acting as if.

I love how it feels when…..

I love knowing…..

It makes me feel so good that…..

I love seeing myself…..

I enjoy…..

I’m excited at the thought of…..

I love being…..

I’m delighted that….

I appreciate….

It feels so good to be….

I’m so happy that….

Be sure to read your story every day for a week (or longer if you wish to) and start to notice how differently you feel about yourself and your future.  When you can change your mind set about what is possible rather than what is impossible this changes your energetic vibration, try it and see.

girl waking up to the day

It is my wish for you that you can recognise just how far you have come already on your journey to finding you and finding love and to realise that you are far more capable of creating a life of your dreams than you ever imagined.

My wish for you is that you see your true worth, your true power, your true essence because who you are is amazing.

This excerpt was taken from Find YOU, Find LOVE available on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1910202460

If you’d like to work with me hop on over to www.wendyfry.com   It will be my joy to support you in getting to the heart of your love and relationships.  You can find some amazing free audios and downloads on my website, do hope you enjoy using.

From my heart to yours

With love x