14 Sep

Seeing is Believing!

Beliefs are nothing more than empowering or limiting thoughts.

The beliefs we choose to give our attention to, guide our actions, behaviours and circumstances.

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We store information through our senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting)

Our perceptions of events, people and the world at large form beliefs that may not even be true.

Our core beliefs were developed at a time when we were children, when we had minimal ability to reason and think rationally for ourselves. The beliefs that were handed down to us were formed by our parents, mentors, teachers, environment and culture.

Core beliefs form the picture we paint of ourselves, a portrait of our own abilities, our worth, flaws, strengths and our relationships with others and with the world. Our beliefs establish the limits of what we think we can, or can’t, achieve.

We behave in ways consistent with our beliefs and values. Our beliefs impact on much of what we do, the thoughts we think, our feelings and our physical symptoms. We delete, distort and generalise information by forming an intricate filter of opinions, emotions and memories and we only notice what we think supports the existing belief.

Our thoughts, assumptions and beliefs influence the way that we feel and what we choose to do.

A limiting belief is a thought, or series of thoughts, that stop us from moving forwards in life.

Limiting beliefs could be based on past personal experiences or through witnessing the experiences of others. Limiting beliefs also shape the form of our thought patterns, including irrational thinking.

We all, at some point, experience limiting beliefs. Until we examine what it is we believe and change any limiting beliefs to a more empowering belief, we are often stuck in the prison of our own thinking.

Beliefs have the potential to be changed by cultivating awareness; we can choose what it is we want to believe.

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Challenging a limiting belief with awareness, effective questioning and using The Spotlight Process and EFT, may seriously improve a person’s sense of self worth, reduce fear, improve confidence, improve communication (internal and external dialogues) and open up all sorts of new and exciting possibilities.

What are your limiting beliefs?

Measuring Limiting Beliefs using The VoC Scale (Validity of Cognition)

To measure the how true a limiting belief may be for you there is a scale called The Validity of Cognition (VoC) Scale which is an individualised measure of beliefs, developed by Francine Shapiro.

Use the VOC scale to check the percentage of your current self limiting beliefs rating them from a 0 when you have no belief at all and 100 when the belief feels completely true for you.

Read through the list below using the Voc Scale to identify which limiting beliefs are true for you. Fill in the blanks where appropriate and add your own limiting beliefs

• Fear of not being good enough
• Fear of not being loved
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of separation or loss 
• Fear of failure
• Fear of being controlled by another
• Fear of success
• I don’t deserve xyz…..
• I am not worthy of xyz…..
• I’m not lovable
• I’m too……..
• I’m not…..
• I won’t be able to…..
• It’s impossible
• I can’t…..
• Something bad will happen if I…..
• What if it doesn’t work out?
• What if I get hurt?
• What if I lose…..?

Part of the process of changing limiting beliefs is cultivating awareness, so that we can distinguish the difference between:

• What we’d like to believe
• What we think we should believe
• What we truly believe.

It is often our limited and negative thinking that holds us back from the things that we seek. Beliefs are often so unconscious that we seldom question them.

With effective self questioning, taking into account:

• When the belief was formed
• Whose belief it is
• If that belief limits us or allows us to grow
• If the beliefs we hold are still appropriate for us

In order to change a limiting belief we need to change the internal picture, meaning and representation that we have of ourselves, of others and about the world around us, so that over time, our creative subconscious mind recognises new pictures, new meanings and beliefs as a new reality and filters from a different perspective.

Instead of looking through dirty windows at the same dirt, we notice things we never saw or experienced before.

Changing our beliefs offers a renewed sense of freedom and there is a willingness to take new risks once we decide to look at the world through new windows.

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Joking aside, I would like to remind you of some old, outdated, beliefs that you may have moved on from already:

  • Father Christmas
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Monsters under the bed
  • Fairy tales and other stories

If you’d like to understand your beliefs at a deeper level and how they may be negatively influencing your life Find YOU, Find LOVE offers you a range of tools and techniques to support you in working through the things that are holding you back from achieving what you want from life.

When you are ready to work with me in person and experience a VIP Day please do make contact.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to help yourself.  Teaching you new ways of thinking, sharing transformational techniques, to release the past and create a future full of renewed confidence, self belief and love!

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