02 Apr

Why Asking for Help is good for you

When was the last time you reached out to another person or group to ask for help?

Asking for help may come easily for some of you though for others there may be untrue beliefs around speaking up which holds you back from voicing your needs.

Here are some of the following statements clients and friends have made when it comes to asking for help, which do you resonate with?

”I can’t ask for help, i’ll look stupid”

”If I ask for help they will think i’m an idiot”

”Last time I asked for help I got shot down and was told I should know”

”If I ask for help I feel too vulnerable, I don’t want people to think i’m weak”

”Asking for help means others will judge me negatively”

”If I ask for help and he/she/they say no I will wish i’d never asked”

”I hate asking for help, it makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed”

”I will look like a fool is I ask for help”

”At my age I should know how to do this but I don’t, it’s harder to ask for help when you’re older”

These are just a few of the limiting beliefs and meanings placed on past experiences or future projections which can get in the way of asking for help.  By not speaking up we may never get out of our comfort zones to learn new things or give others the good fortune to help us flourish and grow as well as the opportunity for them to share knowledge and feel good about being able to do so.

Asking for help is good for you, not only does it flex your uncomfortable muscle until it’s feels more comfortable to ask, the more you ask the more likely it is you will be offered help and support.  If you don’t ask you don’t get.  Trying to do everything on your own, by yourself is not only frustrating it can be exhausting too.

Asking for help in the long run can reduce stress, give you the information that’s missing so that what was unknown becomes known and as a result the things you want to be, do and have are more likely to come to pass.

It’s time to end the struggle and ask for help….

What’ the best that can happen?

How will learning how to do something or having something done for you benefit you?

By asking, what does it give both the recipient and the giver of help an opportunity for?

When asking becomes so comfortable for you what will it give you that you don’t have now?

How will having that assist you long term? 

This week I have been asking for help with all sorts of things and getting out of my own comfort zone so far I have been offered help in setting up some new software on my PC.  Help in unblocking a drain. Support in taking my phone back to a setting which I couldn’t find.  Understanding the meanings of some health tests as well as also having the opportunity to help those who have reached out to me.

Please do join me in helping others and giving those people you ask for help the opportunity to see you grow, in doing so you help them grow too.  Together we are stronger.

When nothing is certain, everything is possible…..




24 Feb

All in a Day’s Work

The mere mention of the word ‘work’ might be a trigger for some of you. The thought of working being all toil, blood, sweat and tears, relentless, unforgiving and stressful.  That is until that is you make your work, work for you.


Give yourself a moment to reflect on the following work related questions.  Take stock of where you are, what’s working and what isn’t working and what you will benefit from changing.

  • What made you choose the line of work you’re in?
  • How did the job you are in come to be?
  • What do you hate about your job?
  • What do you love?
  • What would happen if the things you hate about your job you spent less time focusing on and spent more time appreciating the aspects which you enjoy?
  • What stops you creating a different outcome for yourself whether that be changing your line of work into another type of employment or speaking assertively and with positive intention to your boss about proposed changes to your workload and career progression?
  • If you could do anything, absolutely anything what kind of work would you choose for yourself without the supposed obstacles that are in your way?
  • If you want to be self employed and have been procrastinating about taking a leap of faith  what is it that stops you giving up the day job and building your own empire?
  • Are your beliefs about what you can do, be and have inspiring you to take action or holding you back even further, if so what are the more empowering beliefs you can choose for yourself?
  • What’s the cost if you do nothing to change your present situation?
  • Are you willing to pay that price?

I don’t have the answers to these questions as they will be personal to you though what I do know is if you spend time worrying about the week ahead on a Sunday night and the rest of your working week you’re clock watching and willing for that Friday feeling to come round quicker, you’re not making time to appreciate the good times in between.

If you’re gossiping in your tea break about your boss and other staff members who rile you, you’re reliving a past experience as if it was happening all over again, truth is it’s your gossiping about it that makes the situation worse, not the actual event itself.  If you take your work worries home and vent at your partner chances are your relationship will turn sour too.

Yes, we can all be triggered by different things, work, our boss, colleagues not pulling their weight, commuting, repetitive work, lack of clients, emails and calls not being replied to and generally feeling at war with the world and everyone in it, though remember, it’s not the trigger that’s the problem it’s the meaning you place on the trigger and the ‘stories and beliefs’ you build up about them.  The time and energy wasted focusing on the negatives you can never get back.

Tell a different story, focus on what you love about your work, explore how you can make practical changes to your workload, ask for help, take risks and most of all dare to live, dare to be, dare to use your skills to their fullest and most of all dare to live your life with passion and purpose.

I hope you enjoy my little acronym for work

W illingness to learn new things
O penminded about possibilities
R isk taker and change maker
K ick A*ss and then kick some more a*ss

Do the work you love and you won’t work a day in your life!

Offering a range of stress management techniques, supporting you to get clear on your focus and holding you accountable to achieve your dreams, begin by saying yes to you!

I’m here to help you get started www.bepositive.me.uk 

When you’re ready to make your Monday Magical rather than ‘Just Another Manic Monday’ (The Bangles) contact me to work on getting past your past and making your future a happier place to be.

It’s time to kick some a*ss.

15 Nov

Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

What is it you want to change?

Making change and setting new boundaries begins with you.  As much as you might want your significant other, mother, co-worker, best friend or neighbour to change, you will find it far easier to make the change begin with you.  It might mean you have to step out of your comfort zone, be assertive, feel uncomfortable for a while and face your fears but without making the change to make new choices, nothing will change.


Reflect on these questions first before reading The 10 Steps to Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

•  What do you want ‘insert the name of the person here’ to stop doing?
•  What would you like ‘insert the name of the person here’ to start doing?
•  What do you want ‘insert the name of the person here’ to do differently?

•  What are you willing to stop doing?
•  What are you able to start doing?
•  What can you do differently to improve your relationship?

In relationships, until we can speak up and communicate our needs clearly, assertively and respectfully, the problems, challenges and the behaviours of those we have relationships with, remain the same.  When we change the way we communicate consistently, there is every possibility those around us will be influenced by the change and mirror back to us the positive communication.

10 Steps to Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

1. Speak from the ‘I’. (‘‘I would like you to listen to what I’m about to say. I would like to make some positive changes in our relationship. I feel we would benefit from putting the past behind us. It would mean so much to me if you are able to hear what I’ve communicated and consider my requests, thank you for considering this’’) Saying thank you at the end of a statement like this voices the assumption that the other person will listen and acknowledge your proposal.

2. Keep communications in the positive and future tense (‘‘What I would like is for us to do is XYZ.  I believe we would both benefit from this change’’)

3. Clearly identify your boundary. Spend time figuring out what you want before you voice your limits (Do you need your neighbour, friend, your mother to stop turning up unannounced or calling you when you’re in the middle of preparing an evening meal. Would you prefer them to call round at a specific time when you are both free?)

4. Understand why you need a boundary. What’s your motivation and reason for setting this boundary? (If it’s not convenient for your neighbour, mother or friend to turn up or call without notice, let her know you will have undivided time them if you can call at 8pm for 30 minutes once the children are in bed)

5. Make your communications clear. Be direct and assertive in your conversation (If you fear conflict or confrontation you may not say exactly what you mean, which leaves room for confusion or doubt). It might spare the person you are in conflict with feelings if you aren’t direct and to the point but how will you feel? What is the cost if you do nothing to make this change, who suffers?)

6. Don’t give long explanations or apologise (Setting boundaries isn’t something you need to say sorry for and it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. Short, sharp and clear communications works best.  If someone is demanding of your time when it’s inconvenient you have to let them know e.g. (‘‘I would like weekends to myself, I need more time to study, thank you for understanding this. I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday afternoons to catch up’’)

7. Remain calm and polite (Boundaries are best set outside of an argument, getting into dialogue about making change in the heat of the moment when both of you are angry, neither person can really hear the other. Keep your anger in check and leave all sarcasm and condescending tone out of your communications)

8. Start with firm boundaries (It’s easier to loosen a tight boundary after it’s been set rather than trying to tighten a weak boundary.  If your mother or mother in law is interfering and trying to reorganise your home, e.g., ‘‘I’d prefer it if you don’t come into my home when I’m not there. I want the way I’ve left my home to stay the same, I like it how it is.’’ It’s easier at a later date to invite her to take a mini-break in your home while you are away, on the condition she leaves things as they are, or to pop round an hour before you get home if she wants to watch something not available on her own TV package). Don’t overextend yourself or try and ‘people please’ or agree to commitments you will later have to cancel or do begrudgingly. Get clear from the start.

9. Address any breaking of boundaries early on. As soon as a boundary is broken, reset it. Remind the person concerned of your boundary. (‘‘You may have forgotten , I need the weekends to myself study, I can see you on Wednesday afternoons instead’’)

10. Don’t make it personal. Rather than tell the person you are in conflict with everything you think about them being inconsiderate of your time, your appointments and plans it is far easier to be direct. eg (‘‘I’m happy to pick you up and take you to Maggie’s, but you will need to be ready at 10 a.m’’)

It’s possible the person you wish to set boundaries with won’t welcome these changes though in order for your relationship to improve, it’s important to end the struggles you each have within your relationship and find new solutions to old problems.  All it takes is one person to change and this change begins with you.

Stand up for what you want in life, agree to disagree if need be.  If you don’t you are living someone elses life on their terms, not yours, and that’s not really living life at all.

If you’re in need of further support in setting healthy personal boundaries please do make contact at
www.wendyfry.com to discuss best support options.

11 Jul

Tick, Tock….Is time speeding up or are you lagging behind?

Self sabotage, generally feeling tired, lack of motivation or having a sense of your goals not being achievable are just a few of the niggles which get in the way of us being our best selves.

I will be completely honest, three times in the night I was woken first by my noisy neighbor at 2:30am who lives above me. At 5:30am with someone’s car or house alarm ringing for over 20 mins, at 6am the builders started coming in to collect equipment from their garage 2 doors down.

If ever there was a time to give in to self-sabotage, put my head back under the pillow until noon or give up on the tasks I have set myself for today, this is a classic example of letting externals get in the way.

It’s fair to say you can’t bank time, trade time or claw back those hours of interrupted sleep and it’s even truer to say I could let my tiredness put me in a bad mood, not write my weekly blog, give up on the list of things I have set myself to do, maybe even take out my lack of sleep on my clients, friends or family.

You see sleep, time, irritations and getting things done (or not) is all about perception.

clock-577753_1280 (2)

The meaning we place on our experiences

Many years ago I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy which was created by Richard Bandler and John Grindler.  Studying NLP helped me understand the way the mind works, how we store and retrieve information and how we communicate.

The mind is amazing, it’s a storehouse of information that we filter through, judging new experiences through an old lens.  We distort, delete and generalise experiences based on what’s happened in previous ‘movies’.  We often predict how something will end even when we have no evidence, we just go back to an old movie that’s similar in some way to the new experience and evaluate it through comparison with the record we already have.

Our past experiences influence how we react to others and the world around us

We often get things totally confused and what is actually happening may not even be recognised, as we have jumped back into default mode where we are basing current experiences that compare to similar ones that we have experienced in the past.

Our past experiences influence how we react to others and the world at large and also determine how we act and behave.  An external event will be experienced through our senses and before we make an internal representation of the event we filter the event.   We literally go inside that storehouse of information deleting, distorting and generalising the information through our five senses.

Our storehouse of sensory information

  • Visual (what we see outwardly, including how someone may look at us)
  • Auditory (what we hear, including sounds, the words that we hear and the way words are spoken by others including tone and pitch)
  • Kinaesthetic (what we feel internally inside our bodies or externally via touch, including the texture of something and level of pressure felt physically)
  • Gustatory (taste)
  • Olfactory (smell)

Deletion: When we delete information, we may be paying attention only to certain aspects of a situation and delete other aspects overlooking, ignoring and omitting sensory information coming into us.  We delete in this way as there is so much information coming into us, that if we didn’t delete we would experience too much sensory stimulation (information overload).

Distortion: It’s easy to misrepresent reality.  What is actually happening in an experience can be distorted and we can perceive things incorrectly. We distort, creating imaginary futures often in a negative way.

Generalisation:  We can make up and form our beliefs based solely on one or two experiences.  We absorb information and make assumptions about what the information means, comparing it to the information that we have already stored.  Sometimes our assumptions are incorrect.

Insightful Questions

Use these questions to reveal what you may be distorting, generalising and deleting as you process information

  • What positive aspects aspects of your life, career, relationships etc do you delete?
  • How do you distort information to avoid taking risks, protect yourself and keep yourself playing small?
  • When do you generalise negatively about what is achievable for you and what you can or can’t do based on external events, situations or people?

It’s true I was woken several times last night but even truer than that I actually had a total of nearly seven hours sleep, not bad eh….

So instead of focusing on missing sleep, the missing event of what I would have liked (sleeping a solid 8-9 hours) I’m re-framing my experiences and focusing on how great it feels to be up, washed, dressed and ready for my day a little earlier and how I have time to write my blog before my first client arrives instead of trying to fit it in, in between other things.

At 5:30am, the sky sure is pretty as are listening to the little birds singing their lungs out in my garden.

I’ve already had my breakfast, put a wash on, crossed off 3 things off my to do list and feeling rather satisfied that with the time i’ve missed sleeping, i’ve gained time and used it to my best advantage.

As you go through your day take a moment to reflect on what you are distorting, deleting or generalising and re-frame your experiences and thoughts to work for you, it will be time well spent to do so.

Last week we talked about Missing Events – Making up for lost time I will continue a little on this theme throughout the month of July.

Time waits for no man, or woman come to that, Carpe Diem, Seize the Day!

18 Jan

PAUSE for Positive Change

We all have the same amount of hours in the day though I know many of you might wish you had more time to either get through your ‘In Tray’, deal with the hundreds of daily emails or simply want more time to connect with your family and friends.

I need to let you know, the secret of success is…Less is more!

frog-947770_1280 (2)

Working yourself into the ground, running on empty and worrying about everything creates stress.

Taking just a few minutes out of your day, brings you back into balance.  Getting you out of your head and into your heart.  By slowing down our thoughts, remembering to breathe and taking a moment to pause, will allow you to de-stress, do more and have time for fun stuff too.

Now is the perfect time to PAUSE and connect with your heart space Any time you find yourself going into your head, pause and use heart centred breathing.

Re-connecting with your heart space will support you in remembering your:




Sense of Self

Energy of Love

Allow the pause to reach your heart space, breathe deeply and allow yourself to fully connect in love.  Feel that love and connection growing and expanding, filling up not only your physical body with beautiful energy.

Blast out that vibrant energy from your heart out into The Universe.

Create a positive ripple of heart connection across the planet.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to believe that you do great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you’ve found it – Steve Jobs

relax-1098754_1280 (2)

Heart Based Exercise: Making your future the best it can be

I encourage you to reflect on the following points, to make your future the best it can be. Ask yourself:

• What do I need to stop doing that holds me back from having a more heart centred connection with myself and others?
• What do I need to start doing to allow my heart to open fully?
• What can I commit to right now that will allow for a more heart centred approach to life and living?
Heart Based Exercise (apply daily as many of these heart centred self care choices as you possible)

I have listed below some activities that will aid you in being more loving to yourself and making time for you to be with you. What can you choose from these examples that will make you feel pampered, cherished and loved and what other ways can you find to love you?

Affirmations – starting and ending the day with positive affirmations while connection from your heart will aid towards general well-being creating balance and positive energy flow.

Being out in nature – connecting to nature is very restorative and reduces mental fatigue. It is both healing and cleansing, being out in fresh air and green spaces restoring one’s emotional health and physical wellbeing on many different levels.

Complementary Therapies – there are some wonderful therapies that may make you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself – for example massage, Reiki, HeartMath Coherence and Reflexology, as well as EFT are all are treatments which aid in the release of built up emotions in the emotional and physical body whilst also easing the mind.

Eating well – choosing healthy foods that you enjoy and which are natural and energising are an important part of looking after you and maintaining a healthy heart. Prepare for yourself delicious meals and treats with love and care. Use beautiful china to eat and drink from. Make eating a beautiful ritual where you honour your body and your health.


Exercise – Any form of exercise, whether it’s walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing or using a trampoline will release endorphins (the ‘happy’ hormone) into your body. Laughter Yoga if you haven’t yet discovered it is perfect for a lasting happiness effect. Exercise can make you feel energised, positive and confident and is also great for toning and shaping as well as pumping blood around the heart. Be sure to have some form of exercise in your daily routine and to build up gradually listening to your body at all times.


Gratitude – Practising daily gratitude has so many benefits.  Read this wonderful article by Monica Cafferky, freelance journalist  ‘How Writing a Daily Gratitude Diary Changed Our Lives’  I’m pleased to have been interviewed for this article and share with you how the attitude of gratitude changed me life in the Daily Express.


Rest and relaxation – down time such as listening to music, reading, taking a nap or making sure you have plenty of sleep when you need it, is a very loving way to look after yourself and your heart.


Meditation – You may also find meditation helps you to relax after a busy day or, as part of a daily morning ritual. Check out  Five Minute Meditations by Caroline Maidment which I highly recommend. Meditation lowers the heart rate and boosts immunity feeding the body with nutrients and oxygen.


Self care – such as taking luxurious baths with scented oils, candles burning and using wonderful body moisturisers and having a pamper, generally all helps one’s body to feel loved and cared for. Body brushing increases lymphatic flow through the body towards the heart. Choosing carefully the outfit you will wear for the day ahead, how you style your hair and if you wear make-up, taking care to apply and wear the colours that love you are all an important part of you showing yourself love, attention and care.


When you are kind and loving towards yourself connecting from your heart you act from a place of self love, it’s possible to expand, connect, amplify, magnetise and bring balance to your life.  Your thought processes change and you may find yourself being more positive about life in general, as you operate more from heart focused awareness.

It is beautiful to express love and even more beautiful to feel it – Dejan Stoganovic

frog-914523_1280 (2)


When you’re ready to take the next step and make your future the best it can be contact me for love and relationship support at www.wendyfry.com or for general therapeutic support at www.bepositive.me.uk email: info@wendyfry.com.

I work over Skype and also in person from my practice in Surrey offering a range of personal support programmes, workshops and VIP Days.

Remember to PAUSE, you’d be surprised what you find in the gap! 

02 Nov

Make time to smell the roses…

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, luxuriated in a bubble bath, read a whole book in a day, took time out with friends or simply closed the door on everything and made some you time?

peach rose

People often ask me, ‘how do you keep going’?  To me it’s simple. I listen to my body. When I need more sleep, I sleep more, when I need space to think and recharge my batteries I go for a walk. If I need some support in working through a problem, I use the energy psychology techniques which I teach or seek the guidance of friends and trusted therapists.

No matter how good you are at juggling, if you have too many balls on the go, guaranteed you’re going to drop one or two every now and then. There’s no shame in dropping balls, having to start again or even take a complete holiday from juggling.

Take a moment and reflect on your day, your week, your month ahead and count just how many balls you are juggling.

Along with the physical ‘doing’ action of juggling you also have the emotional aspect and stresses and strains that go with keeping your eyes on all balls as well as anticipating new ones that might land at any moment.


What additional things you are you squeezing into an already busy day?

Which daily actions are you making that you are doing so resentfully?

How often are you saying yes to others and no to yourself?

What are you letting people get away with?  

When did you last set clear boundaries about what is okay or not okay for you?

How much do you respect your time, your well-being, physical and emotional health?

If you continue this way what are the negative aspects of doing so?

If you were to start saying no to others and yes to yourself what would that give you?

What would saying no allow more of?

Decide to take one small action every day to bring yourself into balance.  Notice the changes as you say no to others and yes to you!

Whether you choose to do nothing and stare out the window, listen to some music, read a book, walk in nature, luxuriate in a bubble bath, make time to spend with friends or seek the support of a skilled therapist .  Life doesn’t have to be a continual struggle.

woman-768702_1920 (2)

Imagine, what life will be like when you enjoy juggling knowing you can put the balls down when you want to.

Think about what it will be like to know, even if you stop, for just a moment, the sky won’t fall in!  Just like in the children’s fairy tale ‘Chicken Licken’.  Perhaps even now, right in this moment you might give yourself some time to read this story once more.

There are things I’m good at, one of them isn’t juggling, nor do I wish to improve on how many balls I can juggle at one time. I’m good at keeping my own life in balance and at helping you to do the same.

Imagine what it will be like to be able to set clearer boundaries, to communicate clearly your preferred way of working, being, living…

Think about what it will be like for you to be treated respectfully and with kindness…

What if you were so clear about what it is you don’t want and what you do want in your life that nothing stops you from achieving your dreams…

Whether it be help with reducing emotional overwhelm.  Working out your soul purpose.  Setting up or expanding an existing business.  Working through past issues or identifying what it is you want for your future.  I have a range of programmes and services to make juggling those balls a thing of the past.  I also offer VIP Days for those of you who are ready to say yes to you!

For specific love and relationship support go to http://www.wendyfry.com

Make time to smell the roses and say yes to you!






01 Feb

Always checking?

Are you always checking?

In this modern word of technology and instant access to just about anything your heart’s desire.  It’s all too easy to get caught up with constant ‘checking’ and doing instead of simply being.

How much time are you spending checking? 

clock face time-371226_1280 (2)

# Do you find yourself constantly checking Facebook for status updates?

# Do you keep checking your phone for texts or answerphone messages?

# Keep checking Twitter or Pinterest just to be sure you haven’t missed anything?

# Checking your bank balance to be sure you haven’t gone overdrawn?

# Checking the news to see what’s happening in the world?

# Checking your front door is locked and your hair strengtheners unplugged?

# Checking your watch to see how long it is until home time?

# Checking the bath isn’t overflowing, the gas is off, the lights are off?

# Checking your alarm is on for the morning?

PHEW!  I’m exhausted just typing that.

Be aware of your own personal energy and the time spent with all that checking and how draining it actually is….

It’s time when you could just be ‘being’ instead.

What is it you are really seeking if we drill down to the bare bones of all that checking?

  • Could it be that you’re looking for love and connection through social media?
  • Do you have a need for safety and security by checking that your home is safe?
  • Are you looking for love messages on your phone that may mean that you need to feel needed loved and cared for?
  • Do you need to feel abundant, rich and wealthy?
  • Would you like more freedom to spend your time as you wish?
  • Do you want to feel accepted, approved of, included?

Next time you find yourself checking anything, stop for a moment and ask yourself what do I really need right now and how can I provide that for myself?

We can create freedom in our minds….

We can create love in our hearts….

We can create a sense of feeling safe in the world….

We can create a connection to source/God/The Universe/Life Force Energy all by going within.

Be the creator of your own life…

Instead of looking externally for love, acceptance, approval and freedom, those things can be found within. 

  • If you want more love, how can you be more loving to yourself?
  • If you want more acceptance, what parts of yourself are you not accepting?
  • If you want more freedom how can you create the feeling of freedom within?

There are times when things will need to be checked perhaps once a day.  Times when it’s important to make sure your home is secure.  Times when you need to make and receive calls and texts.

Simply be aware from this moment on how much time you spend reacting instantly to status updates, emails, texts, calls, how much time you spend looking outside of yourself for what you really seek.  If it’s taking you away from ‘being’, what’s the cost to your emotional and physical health and wellbeing?

What are you putting outside of yourself that you can easily generate within?

Set yourself free from doing and simply be…

balloons-9013_1280 (2)

If you need some help in managing your time and emotions you’re in the right place.  Contact me to learn how with a few simple techniques you find the love, approval, acceptance and freedom that’s been inside of you all along and that you maybe just forgot about.  www.wendyfry.com

10 Nov

Time – is it on your side?

Over the years working as an Emotional Health & Relationship Consultant I hear so many people say talk about how they would have spent their time and energy differently.

They say things such as: ‘if only I knew then what I know now, I’d do it all differently’ , ‘If I had my time over I would have chosen differently’ or ‘If only I’d known he/she was like that…I wouldn’t have I wasted my time’.   Have you ever found yourself saying the exact same things?

When you think about the past and what you’ve learnt through your experiences:

  • What would you advise someone struggling with love and relationship difficulties?
  • What would you have said to the younger you all those years ago with hindsight?
  • Would you be saying that from a place of love and compassion or a place of hurt and bitterness? 
  • Knowing now what you wish you’d known back then, how are you  going to use your time?

It’s often easy to advise others in hindsight of our own experience, but do we actually take our own advice?

I decided to walk my own talk and have written for you, Find YOU, Find LOVE to help you get to the heart of your love and relationship problems – available on amazon http://goo.gl/crnvoZ 

This self help workbook contains the questioning techniques, exercises and practical applications that I have learnt in over over 8 years of experience of working and training as a therapist helping my clients move on from the past improving not only the relationships that they have with others but also the relationship they have with themselves.  It includes also an insight into my own life and how I have become a love and relationship expert

Find YOU, Find LOVE

Time is on your side, especially if from this moment on your choose your thoughts and actions carefully.  Being aware of how you spend your thought time is the first step towards creating positive change for yourself.  Having an awareness of the past and what you have learnt from it is helpful, living there and spending your thought time in the past, only limits you. 

I have included for you some free resources on my website www.wendyfry.com/book/resources which includes a Love and Relationship Inventory. 

Using the love and relationship inventory as well as reading Find YOU, Find LOVE will help you to discover your beliefs about love and relationships and what areas of your past you may need to work through.  If you’d like some support and a guiding hand in working through the painful parts of your past I’m available to work with you privately face to face of over Skype www.wendyfry.com and info@wendyfry.com for information about the various support programmes available to you.

 Taking you gently by the hand to work through your love and relationship problems

Alternatively If you’d like to work through your love and relationship challenges in a group setting the next Find YOU Find LOVE workshop is being help on Saturday 15th November 2014.  Book your place via Event Brite this link  http://goo.gl/aMlZQY

So…time really is on your side and taking time for you, to work through the things that limit you, really would be a good use of your time.  What’s the cost if you do nothing?

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There are 86,400 seconds in a day, spend them wisely!

From my heart you yours, with love x