21 Sep

Body Talk: Using the power of words to heal

Your body is amazing!

Right now without even having to think about it you are breathing, your blood is pumping round your body, your heart is beating, you may have blinked several times.

Perhaps you are sitting down as you read this, knees bent, back and bottom supported, eyes reading the words and your mind making sense of their meaning.

All without having the think about it!

kokeshi-633703_1280 (2)

On Friday I went in for a minor knee op called an Arthroscopy to ‘trim up’ a damaged cartridge using keyhole surgery.

I’d heard good and bad stories from people about what to expect and with thanks for their input I decided to set my own intention for the op telling myself that I would recover well and be back on my feet in just a few days.

Despite my osteopath telling me I’d be on crutches for 2 weeks, others telling me I’d be in excruciating pain and all sorts of other horror stories about anaesthetic the whole process was smooth running.

While I waited for the op, there were several other woman all worried about having the same procedure, one close to tears and extremely anxious.

So in conversation before they went down for their procedures, I planted some healing word seeds.

  • ”You will be surprised at how quick your body will heal”
  • ”Every day, in every way, you will feel better and better”
  • ”Having this op will bring you so many benefits”
  • ”While you are resting your body repairs itself even while you’re sleeping”
  • ”In less than a few days you’ll be able to move about much more easily than expected”
  • ”Your body is amazing and will adapt well to the changes made”

I was the last one to go down and it was good to see these ladies going off looking and feeling brighter than they did before.

In hypnosis we call this type of pre framing, ‘post hypnotic response‘.  It’s possible using words like this even in a waking state to influence a positive outcome.

Words have power and your body hears everything you think!

Always one to walk my talk, yesterday just a day after the op, I got myself up and walking, gently and sensibly, I did my post surgery exercises, and took a natural supplement for pain relief and inflammation reduction (Turmeric) with lemon water, a natural antiseptic deciding not to go for the prescribed meds.

I’m not quite doing cartwheels at the moment though I know in no time at all I will be back to the level of fitness I was before if not more so.

beach-677124_1280 (2)

My mind is willing and I know my body will follow the post conditioned response.

”Every day in every way I will get better and better”

I’ve realised as I’m approaching that fifty age mark in the not too distant future,  I’ve been a little guilty for taking my body for granted.

So from now on, when I write my daily gratitude journal there will be some credits going in for my amazing body and it’s inner intelligence to heal.

Thank you for joining me over the coming days and weeks ahead in practising gratitude to give thanks to your own amazing body.

Take nothing for granted!

Your body is amazing, it hears every word you speak.  Send it some love, thanks and appreciation for all that it does for you Including the ability to read this blog!

Body Talk: Use the power of your own words to heal!

If you need some help in being more positive about future outcomes please do make contact: http://www.bepositive.me.uk

I look forward to teaching you new ways of thinking, sharing transformational techniques, to release the past and create a future full of renewed confidence, self belief and love!






24 Aug

The Power of Words

We use language to express ourselves, to get our point across, to share emotions, state a fact or convey a meaning.

Communication is key to getting on in life!  

How we communicate or interpret another’s communication can make or break a relationship whether that be an intimate relationship, a work/college relationship or the relationship we have with our families and children

How are you expressing yourself?

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Working as an emotional health and relationship consultant and having studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I listen out for what’s spoken as well as unspoken.  If I receive an email from someone reaching out for help, before I’ve even met them, I can see patterns in their communication.

It’s not until you have fed back to you, what it is you are saying that you even realise how you might be communicating inwardly to yourself (internal dialogue) and what you are expressing outwardly.

I simply love words and always have.

Next time you’re out and about (coffee shops or restaurants are great places for this) notice how the diners and those meeting speak to each other.

It’s true body language will come into play here and you will be seeing visual communication, though listen specifically to what’s being said.

It’s possible you may even react to others people’s conversations, and you don’t even know them, based on the content of what is heard and how you relate to this personally.

Notice the people that are fighting for air space, talking over each-other, notice those shouting at each other, be aware of those who are taking it in turns to listen and speak, notice your own’self talk’ as you watch these interactions.

When you’re next out with your own friends and family:

  • Notice who cuts you off and takes over the conversation and what you were going to say remains unheard,  making the conversation about them and not you.
  • Who listens attentively and who feeds back to your their interpretation of what’ you have shared?
  • Be aware of your own responses, based on your experiences (some may be negative in relation to what the person is saying)  Notice too, when you might not be listening, checking your phone or staring off into space.

Words can harm and words can heal!

  1. What are you saying about yourself that limits you?
  2. If you were to listen more rather than speak, what might you learn?
  3. When and with whom do you feel unheard?  Let those people know you haven’t finished speaking, or it’s important to you to share what you want to say
  4. What’s your communication style? Are you passive, assertive, passive aggressive or communicate with direct aggression?
  5. When you communicate how often are you being ‘nice’ (keeping the peace and saying what you think others want to hear and when are you being real?)

It’s a little way off yet, though in Series 4 of the Dial a Guru Self Help, Personal and Business books, I will be writing about the topic of clear communication, aiding you to explore which communication style you might fit into and how changing the way you communicate with others may have long term benefits too!

  • As you go through the week, notice your own internal dialogue which brings you down.
  • Be aware of other people’s words which trigger you (sending you off into a rant of negativity) 
  • Notice the words you read and hear which make you feel happy, vibrant and alive!
  • Choose a word or day that you wish to resonate with.  i.e. ”Every day may not be a good day but today i’m choosing HAPPINESS!”

If you’d like to work with me to improve how you communicate with yourself and others,  I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

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Word Power!  

Use them wisely!