24 Feb

The Good – The Bad – The Ugly

Thoughts are like that…Good – Bad and Ugly.

Monitor your thoughts today and see which category they fall into.

How much of your past is affecting you life right now in a negative way? Think about that for just a moment……

What thoughts, feelings and emotions are you experiencing that are repetitions of the past?

What scenarios are you playing out in your mind that are projections into the future based on old, outdated memories and beliefs about how things will work out?

Are you really living your life right now or are you living in the past?

What proportion of past negative thinking gets in the way from having the love and relationship that you would like?

Once you start to monitor your thoughts and you realise that many of them are negative.  You will come to realise that there is no evidence that the past will happen again, after all the future has not begun.

Change your thoughts, change you life, change your ability to love and be loved.

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