26 Jan

The Mighty Oak

How many of you forget your inner strength and resilience when you have a challenge?  How many of you bend or break?  How many of you fail to grow because growing seems too painful or risky?  When the heat is on do you wilt and shrivel?

My mind often relates things to nature, like the mighty oak tree that starts of as a tiny acorn and weathers all seasons.  The oak never gives up, whatever the seasonal changes, come what may it remembers its purpose and grows into be a magnificent and mighty oak.

What can you learn from the oak tree than you can apply to your own life so that you stand tall and proud whatever the weather?  It knows intuitively that it can weather any storm, heat or cold, gale or attack from plants or animals.  It never takes things personally it just goes on with the job of growing and being the best it can be.

Take a walk in nature and find that oak and ponder just for a moment…how mighty oaks from little acorns grow.