13 Mar

The Power of Thought

Your thoughts good or bad control the outcome of your day.

In last week’s blog I introduced you to The Spotlight Process aiding you to bring balance to your thinking and this week we go a little deeper into how to use your thought power for you rather than against you.

Thought Power

Here are The Spotlight Process Key Questions:

1.    Where is my thinking right now? (Past, Present or Future?)
2.    What proportion of my thinking is negative?
3.    How does it affect me when I focus on the negative?
4.    Where is the evidence that what I think will happen will happen?
5.    What do I want instead of thinking or feeling this way?
6.    Coming from my heart instead of my head what changes?

To explore your thinking in a broader sense feel free to use this exercise below.

Practical Exercise using The Spotlight Process (15 minutes)

Periodically throughout the day and at the end of each day, use The Spotlight Process to take stock of where you have spent most of your thought time (past, present or future) and answer the following questions which complement the process beautifully.

• What have I been focusing on?
• Where have my thoughts been (past, present future?)
• How have I been talking to myself for the last hour or two?
• Have I been talking to myself in a kindly way or a critical way?
• What images, stories, thoughts or feelings have experienced today that have caused me distress?
• Which emotions and feelings have I experienced the most today?
• Have I been thinking about the future negatively or positively?
• What advice can I give myself so that tomorrow is a better day?
• What choices can I make that will take me closer to my goals?

If you’d like to learn more about The Spotlight Process and the power of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours you can either work with me in person www.wendyfry.com  for love and relationship support.  For general therapy www.bepositive.me.uk or check out my first book Find YOU, Find LOVE

You don’t have to stay trapped in your thoughts just because you think them – Doug Dillon