22 Dec

The Present

Presents, gifts, treats, tokens, vouchers, goodies, surprises.  All names for presents.  But what does ‘present’ really mean to you?


red parcel gold wrap


How may people are you giving the gift of your presence to?

How much time do you spend in the present moment?

It’s time to stop shining your light in the past because that’s not where the future is!

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Chapter 5 of Find YOU, Find LOVE is aptly named The Present and it’s my gift to you along with some other surprises at the end.  Simply email me at info@wendyfry.com with the subject bar saying ‘Yes, give me my Present’ and I will send across to you within 24 hours.  It includes:

Chapter 5: The present

  • Get to the Heart of Love and Relationships
  • I Am Not My Thoughts
  • Communication is Key
  • Find YOU, Find LOVE

If you’d like to also read Chapter 3 ‘Beliefs’, you can sign up for the free download at www.wendyfry.com

This blog is much briefer than usual as I’m aware at this time of year you may well be busy buying presents, so without further ado, as the festive season is upon us I invite you to take a moment every now and then to be fully present in the moment…enjoy the sound of Christmas carol singers, the smell of baked goods you may be making, the twinkle of the Christmas lights in your tree, the love you feel in your heart for those who are special to you, the cool crisp air of the December days, dawn and dusk and it’s glorious skies, the sound of children laughing, the flutters in your tummy when you think of meeting with those you may not have seen for a while.  The energy of connection you have with friends and loved ones across time and space.

I wish for you everything that you wish for yourself as one year ends and another begins, take time to reflect on ‘The Present’ and how you can be more present from this moment on…

It’s been lovely connecting with you as ever From my heart you yours, with love Wendy x

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