19 Jan

The world is your lobster what are you waiting for?

Often in life there are lots of unknowns.  We can spend endless amounts of time wondering if something will happen and then taking no action just in case nothing happens.  It’s an endless loop of wondering, wishing, wanting, waiting and doing zilch.

I’ve been guilty at times of sitting on my laurels hoping that things will land in my lap, truth is some of us may get lucky, though I do personally believe we have to get up, get going and take the necessary actions towards achieving our dreams if we really want the things we say we do.

A while back I had a Future Life Progression session with Anne Jirsch and in my future I saw myself still living in my rented flat and not completely happy with sharing (I like my privacy) What I learnt from going forwards was that unless I take action now then I may well end up where I don’t want to be.  Since that day on Anne’s training course to learn the skills of FLP (Future Life progression) I have taken action in lots of different ways and it’s all paying off.  I’m also helping others to look ahead into their futures to see what needs to be changed now!

What action can you take today that will take you in the direction of your dreams?  Take that first small step and I guarantee that momentum will build and you will attract the experiences and things that you want and deserve.

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you will get the same results, make change happen.  You and only you are responsible for bringing to yourself that which you desire!  The world is your lobster what are you waiting for?