04 Jul

Through the Keyhole ~ An Insiders view on LOVE

If someone were to spy through the keyhole of your home, your heart and mind.

How much love would they find residing there?

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Through the keyhole is a British comedy panel game created by Sir David Frost.  It features the host going around famous peoples homes and the viewers having to guess who lived there.

This got me to thinking that if David Frost were to peek through the keyhole of your life, just how much love would he find there?

I wonder if you would behave any differently if someone were spying on you.

  • Would you decide not to argue with your spouse and family?
  • Would you be more generous with your time and affection?
  • Would you make more of an effort to communicate how much your loved ones mean to you?
  • Would you forgive yourself for your wrong doings and others theirs?

Sometimes it’s not until it’s too late that we wish we’d acted differently, said the words we felt and made more time to be with our families and friends.

Perhaps for you a relationship has ended and you never truly showed your love?

Often a person we cared for may have died and we never got to share with them what they meant to us.

As you go about your days and weeks and months ahead, stop for a moment before acting or reacting and see what you can do, say or be to show your love more freely.

Love is only a blink away!

Wendy Fry author of Find YOU Find LOVE

Your Love and Relationship Coach , Helping you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems with grace http://www.wendyfry.com

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