08 Sep

To love or not to love – that is the question

How much love do you have in your life right now?  That may be a loaded question…there are all so many different kinds of love:

  • Self love
  • Love of another
  • Love of family
  • Love of a pet
  • Love of your work/vocation
  • Love of nature/gardening
  • Love of knowledge
  • Love of music
  • Love of people
  • Love of a faith/religion
  • Love of a hobby
  • Love of exercise
  • Love of reading/writing/journaling
  • Love of stillness/meditation

I have been pondering this thought since Friday. I spoke with a close friend and told her how very loved I feel in my life right now and she said to me ‘’that is because you are so loving and giving, others want to give love back to you’’ It made me realise that the love we give away freely and willingly does indeed find its way back to us.

There have been times in my life when I shut the door on love, I didn’t give it at all but expected to receive it.  I looked for it outside of myself and put conditions on love.  I based my whole identity and self worth on how lovable I was. It was a tough lesson to learn and I learnt it just the same.

I took stock on my life and realised where I was going wrong.  I made time for me and took care of myself instead of expecting others to.  I worked through the poop from the past and climbed my way out of a whole and into the sunlight and I have NEVER looked back.

I encourage you to do the same.  Improving the relationship you have with yourself first and foremost is the first step towards improving all external relationships.

Try out this little exercise taken from my first book Find YOU, Find LOVE to discover the love that you have inside of you.  When you are able to love yourself and can give that love away freely with no expectation on receiving love in return, it will pour down on you by the bucket load.

What other ways can you think of that create the ‘flow’ in you (flow is the feeling of wholeness, connection, contentment, just being in love with life and all that is)


Heart Based Practical Exercise (15 minutes)

 angled pencilminiheartquadrant

Copy out and complete in a journal the following statements with positive heartfelt endings (act as if love is already yours) you can’t think a negative though and positive thought at the same time and being in ‘the energy of love’ will raise your love attraction factor

  • I experience love when I…..
  • When I think about love I feel it in my (name the area of your body where you feel the energy of love)…..
  • I have learnt to love and take care of myself by…..
  • I could make many changes for myself to be more loving and I choose to…..
  • Love fills up so much of my time that I forget to…
  • I can…..
  • My heart is full of love because I choose to…..
  • The inner core of my being recognises love through…..
  • This is my chance to…..
  • When I listen to the voice of love it tells me…..
  • I respect myself totally because…..
  • I’m determined to…..
  • I’m so happy that I now choose because it means…..
  • I am blessed to experience love because…..
  • I will…..
  • Love means…..to me
  • I accept myself, which means…..
  • I accept love into my life because…..
  • I have found myself through…..
  • I am strong enough to…..
  • Love is now a part of me and I vow to…..
  • I’m sure…..
  • I promise to…..
  • This is my opportunity to…..
  • It is my mission to…..because…..
  • I am choosing to make the rest of my life…..
  • I love myself unconditionally exactly as I am and in doing so I…..


Remember at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love – David Levitham

I hope that you enjoy working through the exercises from Find YOU, Find LOVE.  If you wish to check out the free resources that will support you in getting to the heart of your love and relationship problems check out www.wendyfry.com/book/resources  You can also sign up here for my newsletter

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Be the love you seek and it will find you x

From my heart to yours, with love