21 Feb

Transform Your Emotions Using EFT

In recent weeks we’ve been exploring The Emotional Freedom Technique, how it came into being and the benefits of using this wonderful technique.

You can read the previous blog posts here which I would advise on doing before you begin tapping:

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In this week’s blog I share with you the tapping chart and the process and how to apply the technique

Tapping Chart  

For a larger version of the chart to print go here or for the full range of EFT Resources of here 

EFT Tapping chart

The EFT Process:
Tap in this order
• karate chop point KC
• Top of the head TH
• Eyebrow EB
• Side of the eye SE
• Under the eye UE
• Under the nose UN
• Under lower lip CH
• Collar bone CB
• Under the arm UA
• Thumb
• Index finger
• Middle finger
• Ring finger
• Little finger
STEP 1 Recall a specific past or current problem/event that you wish to work through. Be as clear as possible what the feeling, issue or problem is that you want to work on. Is the problem thought based, behaviour based, physical or emotional?
STEP 2 Determine the level of distress on the SUD scale (0 not being a problem and 10 being intense). You may wish to write this down, so that you can compare the before and after scores so that you can measure the reduction in distress going down in between each tapping round.
Gather the various aspects of the problem. Where in your body do you feel the emotional issue most strongly? Does it have a colour, a shape? What does it feel like? What is its weight? Does it have a smell, a sound, a taste? We store information through our senses – visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (feeling), gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell) and the way we store a memory/emotion often relates to one or more dominant sense.
STEP 3 ‘’SET UP’’: The set up is where we begin the actual EFT tapping process. While tapping with our finger tips on the karate chop point, on the side of either hand in line with the little finger, we use a ‘set up statement’ repeating it three times.
The traditional EFT set up statements is, ‘’Even though I have this name the problem or issue here, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Repeat this statement or variations of this statement on this point three times before moving on to the additional sequential tapping points. If this statement is uncomfortable for you, you may prefer to select an alternative set up statement from the choices offered further on or, make one up of your own that feels comfortable for you.
STEP 4 Follow the full tapping sequence after you have started with the karate chop point. You can tap on either side of your body with either hand. Tap round all the tapping points lightly with the finger pads in sequence, about five to seven times on each point, while repeating the reminder phrase (this is a shorter version of the problem) i.e. the issue, symptom you are working on (this stress, this anger, this disappointment, this lack of self belief) the points again are:
STEP 5 Repeat several rounds of tapping in this manner until you feel the problem starting to reduce in emotional intensity (SUD reduces)
STEP 6 Reassess the emotional intensity of the problem using the scale 0-10
STEP 7 Continue tapping round all points with further rounds, until the emotional intensity reduces to a 0
STEP 8 Now, think about the original problem and see if any emotional intensity remains
STEP 9 If any part of the problem that you started with remains, work through the various aspects of the problem and persist with tapping through the tapping sequence, until the problem subsides. ‘’ Even though I have some remaining (state the problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. Sometimes when we’re tapping on a problem, it can change. It may feel as if the energy of the problem has shifted and moved around the body, some aspects of the problem, including the emotions that surface may have changed too. If necessary, to re-evaluate the problem and the aspects of it, start the procedure again from Step 1 and work through the aspects of the problem that have come up or changed as a result of tapping.
There is a choice of EFT set up statements that you can use to transform your emotions. Decide from the following statements which statement feels right for you. Each set up statement is repeated three times, either using the same statement or a variation of the problem before moving on with the additional sequential tapping points.
You will repeat the ending statement while tapping on the karate chop point on the side of the hand in line with the little finger i.e.:
‘’Even though I have this name the problem or issue here, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’’
“Even though I have this name the problem or issue here, I accept who I am and how I feel”.
“Even though I have this name the problem or issue here I allow myself to move through this”.
Alternative EFT set up statements
If the traditional EFT set up statement feels uncomfortable in any way i.e. ‘’I deeply and completely love and accept myself’’ select an alternative below which you resonate with more.

• I’m learning to love and accept myself
• I am willing to love and accept myself anyway
• I accept myself just the way I am
• I accept who I am and how I feel
• I am special, unique and valuable
• I choose to be ok with this
• I’m open to accepting myself just the way I am
• I’ve decided to be more open and accepting of how I feel
• I allow myself to move through this
• I’m in the process of loving and accepting myself
• I honour myself
• I am learning to love, accept and appreciate all parts of me
• I’m a good person
• I accept all of me and the feelings I have
• I accept that I’m doing the best that I can
• I am beginning to feel it’s ok for me to let this go
• I allow myself to move through this
• I’ve decided to take it one day at a time
• I choose to find new ways to work this out
Be persistent. EFT is convenient, quick and easy to use. It can be used as a standalone form of support for a short period of time, to work through one specific issue or, on a regular basis, to work through a range of problems. EFT will help to reduce the emotional intensity of many issues, past, present and future.
You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you – Dodinsky


In next week’s blog we talk about taking stock of your limiting beliefs and emotions when it comes to love relationships.

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