13 Jul

VICTOR or VICTIM of the Past?

You have the ability, rather than to be a victim of the past to choose how to use your past to your best advantage.

The thoughts and feelings you have about yourself are so important.  In fact your thoughts are like seeds that will germinate and grow, spreading far and wide. If you think you are unlovable, not good enough, worthless etc these thoughts will grow and take root in all areas of your life.

My forthcoming book Find YOU, Find LOVE will support you to work through any limiting beliefs left over from past experiences. I can guide you to work through where your beliefs came from, why they were formed and the purpose the belief may have had for you (often to keep you safe from imagined fear of the past repeating itself again) you will be able to transform the belief into new seeds of truth and have yourself a beautiful garden of hopes and dreams.

Any time you feel yourself being re-triggered into past memories and fears, recognise the early warning signs that you are going back down the slippery slope to the past. Any time you experience emotional overwhelm, you can ask yourself the following questions to bring clarity and awareness to what’s really going on for you.

• What am I feeling in this moment?
• How does this feeling relate to my past?
• When was the first time I felt this way?
• How often between then and now have I felt this way?
• What belief did I form from experiencing this feeling?
• How has this belief affected my life?
• Is this belief hindering me or helping me?
• If I was able to let go of this belief that was formed in the past what would that leave space for?
• I am willing to release this old belief of….
• What new and empowering belief can I choose to transform the past?
• I am willing to accept my new belief that….
• I choose to use my past, for my highest good
• I am willing to let go of the past and step into the future

I’m available to work with you in person or over Skype if you feel that you would like some personal support. A copy of Find YOU, Find LOVE is included in all my love and relationship programmes. http://goo.gl/crnvoZ 

There is no evidence that the past will repeat itself again, it is purely our thinking that tells us so and my advice is ‘don’t believe everything you think’.

Growing from the past is productive, living there isn’t.

growing from the past